Forum member wows Paula Cole with magic

June 21st, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Forum member Joe G. wins this month’s Seize the Moment award. He saw Paula Cole in concert in New York, and wanted her autograph. He didn’t have one of her CDs or shirts, though. All he had was a deck of cards, so he thought he’d get her to sign one. Then he realized he could do some magic for her at the same time.

Yeah, yeah, you all thought of the idea. But none of you DID it, didja? Joe did. That’s why he rocks.

He also sent us some vid. Further proof of his rocking.


  1. MagicPassion on:

    Forum member wows Paula Cole with magic: Forum member Joe G., aka Ninja G, wins this month’s Seize the Moment awar…

  2. Joe Glickman on:

    This is me performing “Here Then There” from the Crash Course DVD. Also take note of the Ellusionist wrist band on my left arm. Thanks to Joe Hadsall for posting this.

  3. Cool–just some tips on the trick. Well done on the sleight, but don’t rush! That is probably my favorite trick, you can get amazing reactions if you build it up a lot.
    I used to use it as an opener but I can’t anymore as people enjoy it more than they do anything else I can throw at them. It has to be the last or only thing I do.

  4. Joe Glickman on:

    Unfortunately I HAD to rush – there were people waiting behind me to speak to her and I didn’t know how much time I had with her since she was being pulled in every direction. As much as I’d have loved to have milked the effect and even done a few more, I had to go quicker than I normally would. She actually took her hand away from her card sooner than I anticipated AND it was pretty windy so I couldn’t take any chances.

  5. Joe Glickman on:

    RT @ellusionist: Forum member wows Paula Cole with magic

  6. Oh makes sense, I didn’t know there were people behind you.

  7. The kung-fu death grip double-lift as taught in, I believe, Royal Road to Card Magic.

    Good trick, way to seize the opportunity, but work on your double lift technique! Would you ever turn over a single card with that white knuckle, robotic, awkward method? No! You look like you are have something to hide because it’s so odd looking. The spectator doesn’t know anything is happening yet, so there is no heat. Be casual and relax! Just flip it over.

  8. Joe Glickman on:

    I completely agree with you LD. I don’t normally do that, but as you can hear me say on the video, it was fairly windy out and I was concerned that the wind might blow the cards apart and I didn’t want to have the trick fail for Paula, so I was just being extra pre-cautious. The good news is that she didn’t suspect anything.

    On the same token, I’m not a fan of David Blaine’s flourishy double lift where her holds the corner of the cards against his palm. Talk about looking unnatural, yet so many people think THAT looks good.

  9. For me it’s not about being natural, it’s about doing what fits your style. I’m a bit flashy but as long as you don’t make a big deal of it, it’s really powerful because in the way of Blaine’s lift it seems impossible of having 2 cards there and turning them that way but if you make it into a move and draw attention to it, then yeah it does look a bit out of place. Also I’d suggest trying to work on a thumb count for those “I really better not screw this double up” moments. It’s clean, unnoticed, and you know if you have 2 cards or not and you can death grip them if need be and it still looks a bit less awkward.

  10. Joe Glickman on:

    Thanks! I appreciate the input from everyone! Lots of good pointers!