For sale: Houdini’s spirit in a brick

October 31st, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Photo courtesy The Detroit News

What better present is there to buy your favorite magician than a brick supposedly infused with the spirit of the great Houdini? Wait… the headline says Houdini may live ON, not IN? Dang. This was going to be a cool entry to type in on Halloween night. Oh well.

Plymouth, Mich. homeowner Jamie Flora, a Houdini fan, was at first intrigued to hear that his home might be built with bricks from the Garrick Theater in Detroit — the site of Houdini’s final performance. With some sleuthing through city records, he was able to confirm it. Now, he’s selling some spare bricked that were removed during a renovation project.

“I live in the house made from some of the brick from that theater. When I go to bed at night all the bricks on stage that night are around me and my wife and five kids.”

Not everyone is impressed:

Kevin Connolly isn’t convinced. The member of the Magic Collectors Association has about 3,000 Houdini-related pieces, but said the brick isn’t any more valuable than a paperweight — even with concrete proof of origin. “To me it’s just a novelty. You’ve got to have provenance this is Houdini’s,” Connolly said. “When you look at my stuff you know that’s Houdini’s. That’s the quality I want. I don’t want questionable stuff.”

Bricks cost $450 for a smaller, collectible version or $945 for a museum edition that comes with a backboard and display. Don’t feel so bad about buying those Jerry’s Nuggets now, eh?

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