Fix Santa’s slips: 15 percent discount in effect until Friday

December 27th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Did Santa not come through with a Pure Smoke? Not enough Infinity decks of playing cards in your stockings? Hoping to unwrap some Metal on Christmas morning? You can fix that. Pretty easily until Friday, in fact. Until midnight Friday (U.S. Eastern), you can take 15 percent off your entire order. Combine that with discounts you get for buying decks in larger quantities, and you might get up to 30 percent off of some items.

Merry Christmas to you, indeed!

Yes, 15 percent off is crazy. Not quite used-car-salesman-guy-on-TV crazy, but crazy for us. We hardly ever offer an entire storewide discount. So why the sale? Because you deserve a treat to yourself. And because we need to clear space in our warehouse — see, there’s a bunch of hotness coming in 2012, and we need to make space for it. Our moving project is your gain.

In any event, this is a chance for you to fix any magic-gift omissions. Fill your cart, then when you get to checkout, use the promo code “3DAY15OFF”. Keep that holiday glow around a few extra days. And yeah, holiday giveaway bonuses still count. We’re still throwing in bracelets, after all…


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