Finally – A Reason To Watch MindFreak…

February 1st, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under Criss Angel

And it ain’t Criss Angel.

Helen Salas

Helen Salas (second from the right), former Miss Nevada USA, is one of the finalists in the Miss LAX contest. LAX, a nightclub in The Luxor Hotel, is one of Criss Angel’s haunts (hint – look for him there on Saturdays).

The weekly LAX bikini contest will eventually lead to one winner who will be announced in March

Salas is now one of the finalists, with the winner landing a grand prize of $50,000 and an appearance on illusionist Criss Angel’s TV show, “Mindfreak.”


  1. Niice, I wish I was a judge!!!

    That’s It, I’m going to the Luxor

  2. Oh and yea, I’ll watch mindfrreak just for this! – lol

  3. Wow. Yup, great way to publicize and get more viewers, c’mon admit it and give Criss a hand. Of course, Criss always had sexy babes on his show, but this is something to celebrate, this is a reason to watch Mindfreak, a good one too….

  4. I didn’t know Ellusionist was like that…

  5. oh wow,another reason for you guy’s to be jealous of “the mindfreak”!evidently he doing more than freaking minds,good for him.

  6. I’m quicker to jump on a plane to Nevada, then give him an extra television rating..

  7. I recently sent in a complaint about this but nothing has been done. Is this really the type of post that E can claim is family friendly?

  8. Hmmm… Criss is becoming more of a dissapointment… I think all of the sudden recognition and fame has gotten to his head. He used to work so hard on his show, showing great appreciation for his fans and even giving special moments to fans (Chad Juro’s story and the girl who won the car at Loyal Fest 07), but recently, what has he been doing? Nothing much, just partying late almost every night at clubs, hanging with celebrities (and not just because their famous *cough*parishilton*cough*). He dosen;t seem to show all of the appreceation towards his fans as he did in the past. And now what? Giving $50,000 and a feature on Mindfreak to an already-rich-p*rnstar something or other? Seriously, he could maybe have helped someone who doesn’t have everything in the world. I know he’s helped the Make-A-Wish kids foundation, and it was a good thing, but he just seems to be receeding a little. I’m not trying to be rude or ignorent or whatever, it’s just a statement of opinion. I respect Criss for bringing magic to alot of people and making people happy; so what if he uses camera tricks? That’s wha magic is; tricks ment to fool others into believing. I stand strong on my opinion that he’s taking his fame for granted. It may come crashing down one day, you’ll see that soon enough.