FIGHT NIGHT: Fight card filled with limited releases, variety of options

August 21st, 2012 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

One of the things we heard during our recent Black Friday promotion, where buying a certain amount of things snagged you two of our rare, collectible decks, was that you wished we had more available to choose from. We listened, and we answered back with FIGHT NIGHT.

FIGHT NIGHT is filled with limited releases.

We still have solid, well-reviewed workers such as Pure Smoke and the Shift Self Bending Key that help you claim your Gold Arcane and Red Artifice decks. But this is no average promotion. We know that in working up to the price levels to earn decks, we wanted to give you some fresh choices; some bold, hard-to-get products that will enhance your working set.

The numbers of these products are extremely limited, with no guarantee of re-release. Some of these might be back in the future, others might get changed with new editions. The time to jump in the ring is NOW, because chances are you won’t see these specific items ever again.

Check out the fight card:

Molten by Morgan Strebler. What, you thought Strebler bent just forks? Molten lets PK artists take their game to the next level by melting a glass bottle in their own hands. Previously available for $60, we’ve knocked the price in half and, in addition to a beer bottle, added a root beer bottle option, perfect for family friendly situations such as schools and churches. The order includes just the bottle and a link to an instructional video online. Shot from the set of Liquid Metal 2, Strebler teaches a new subtlety developed by Brad Christian that gives performers another option.

One by Matthew Underhill. The Anniversary Waltz plot is classic, but Underhill improved it with an effect that lets the performer move an actual printed heart on a card. All the magic happens on the face of the card. Underhill’s handling has earned some rave reviews and is a regular worker in the sets of a bunch of Ellusionist performers, including forum director Adam Wilber.

Colossal Close-up Mat. These rubber-backed, handmade close-up mats are about twice the size of larger close-up mats on the market. Featuring a flocked-grey surface, the mat is emblazoned with the new logo of the Ellusionist Playing Card Company. This mat is seriously oversized: It offers enough space for beautiful spreads and displays. It’s perfect for your practice space and will give you plenty of work and inspiration.

These three things are in addition to our warehouse full of magic. This is a great time to stock up on decks for future gigs, or take a chance on something you’ve always wanted to try.

All the details of the promotion can be found here. The fight is over at midnight Saturday.


  1. Are Joel Brooke & Todd Diamond given credit for Molten?

  2. the mat is so perfect .. but so expensive :( can’t afford it now

  3. Morgan Strebler on:

    No they are not given credit. They did not do anything!!!!

  4. Morgan added a root beer bottle option not Ellusionist.

  5. I would really like to know how a rubberized close-up mat is “handmade.”