Ferguson’s killer Serial Biller to be released next week

September 24th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General, Products

In his classic book “Strong Magic,” author and magician Darwin Ortiz talks about the importance of eliminating possibilities — if a performer can remove excuses or explanations through presentation or demonstration, then an effect becomes that much more impossible.

Serial Biller is a textbook example of this principle.

Rich Ferguson, the creator of Tagged, used his Sherlock Holmes-ian powers of observation and discovered an incredible method to perform one of the most impossible torn-and-restored effects on the market. In the process of performing this, your spectator will note the serial number of a bill, rip it themselves and check the number again.

Then, they will watch you do the impossible. It doesn’t matter if they ripped it, chewed it or whatever. You will bring the bill back to life and give it right back to them. They’ll inspect it to their heart’s content. But, more often than not, they’ll be just flabbergasted.

Serial Biller is killer. No other torn-and-restored bill effect is this in-your-face, jaw-droppingly visceral. Ferguson has honed this from years of professional gigs. You can benefit from his experience next week.

Serial Biller is $29.95 and will be available at 4 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, Sept. 29.


  1. rich ferguson did not create Tagged! thats richard sanders

  2. Yeah, Rich Ferguson created Tagged. So did Richard Sanders. Two different effects.