Fallout from Angel’s rant on Hilton triggers refunds

April 23rd, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Criss Angel, General

This is getting interesting.

First, Criss Angel calls out Perez Hilton for bashing “Believe” while seated at the Luxor in the audience. Cirque du Soleil and MGM Mirage issued an apology. A well-known Vegas columnist says said rant went too far and calls for his removal.

Now, iTricks breaks the news that people from that show are asking for refunds. Using info and intel from an unnamed source at the Luxor box office, Justin Robert Young writes:

…Many groups of theater-goers have asked for their money back en masse. With tickets selling for as high as $160 a piece, that would mean a party of five could cost the production $800. Group of seven? $1120. Ten offended patrons? $1600. Granted, group rates and general discounts likely put those numbers at the high end of what’s actually being given back. But the trend itself, according to our source, is very real.

Young also points out that Luxor President Felix Rappaport, a senior vice president for MGM Mirage Marketing and Gene Simmons saw the show on Tuesday night. Young gets major reps for an outstanding reference to Kremlinology, which should more than make up for the bashing that thread is going to take from the Loyal.


  1. Ellusionist on:

    New blog post: Fallout from Angel’s rant on Hilton triggers refunds http://blog.ellusionist.com/fallout-from-angels-rant-on-hilton-trigg

  2. Criss was right in calling out Perez, and in using the moniker he chose “DBA” – although calling it out in front of children was NOT a smart move.

    Perez IS a “DBA”. If Hollywood needs TRASHY Perez (aka Mario) to promote them, then Hollywood needs to get a reality check (wait, isn’t reality and Hollywood an oxymoron??) I say SHUT PEREZ DOWN and find another way to promote yourselves, uh, what ever happened to “PR reps” for stars, isn’t that THEIR job? Or are those “PR reps” too busy now collecting their checks for DOING NOTHING?

    Why was Perez allowed to “twitter” DURING a show when the rest of us peons in the audience have to TURN OUR PHONES OFF as soon as we get inside the theatre? Security comes up to you during the show and WATCHES EVERYONE LIKE A HAWK (which also stumps me as to HOW those clips from “beLIEve” got onto YouTube) from people’s phones, so how Perez got away with this stumps me. Its not like security would even “recognize” this “DBA”. If he were sitting in the audience and if he were beside me and that ‘blue glow’ from his phone was disturbing me during the show, I would have stood up and called security over myself!!! I don’t care WHO YOU ARE!

    And WHY was Perez given free tickets? You don’t give out free tickets to press who have been trashing your show!! Make them PAY if they want to see it! So, that makes 2 stupid moves by the Angel. Make that 3 stupid moves.

    Criss’ 3rd stupid move was calling out Holly Madison’s name during every F***KN performance (when they were dating). It was soooo annoying and sooooo 3rd grade. Will he be allowed to call out the name of everyone he dates now? If I were Cirque, I would have PUT A STOP to that!!

    The 4th mistake Angel made was referring to “DBA” Perez/Mario as a ’special guest’. IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM is Perez/Mario a special guest to ANYONE! He is strictly “Z” list.

    Celebrities (other than Angel) are probably ‘afraid’ to tick Perez/Mario off, since he trashes them on his blog if he doesn’t like you. WHO CARES? If you’re reading Perez/Mario’s blog, you have got to have absolutely NO LIFE.

    You celebrities have to rediscover your Cajones and stand up to someone like Perez/Mario – SHUT HIM DOWN!

    I love “beLIEve” – its still a work-in-progress, so my answer would be NO. If Criss is “allowed” to be the “performance artist” (not just magician) that he is known for, then this show would be better. “beLIEve” it or not, Criss IS a singer, dancer, actor AND performance artist, in addition to being a magician! But in “beLIEve” he is so limited, I don’t know if this is Cirque’s fault or Criss’.

    And Perez/Mario – got a question for you. If this show is as bad as you say, then WHY is it PACKED NIGHT AFTER NIGHT AND HAS BEEN SINCE IT OPENED? I am NOT a “Loyal”, but I see “beLIEve” EVERY time I am in town and there has NEVER been an empty seat, everytime I have been there!! Explain that one DBA!

    You really are a “DBA” Perez/Mario. If you have to “trash” men you have a crush on or are jealous of, to get them to notice you, that’s pathetic!

    I LOVE “beLIEve” and i am behind it 120% !!

  3. By the way, I’ve spent over $5,000 in tickets in the 5 months “beLIEve” has been open and I want NO refund!

    That’s just an “EXCUSE” for people who try to get something for nothing – welcome to America!

  4. Don’t get me wrong – to reiterate – “beLIEve” is STILL a work-in-progress and needs WORK ….in no way, shape or form is “beLIEve” all that it can be.

    You know where I am, if you need my suggestions.

    One word – Legend.

  5. I went and saw Believe on the 4th showing before it officially opened. For the most part, I loved it. But Criss does need to stop talking about his personal life during a show. He actually bashed his ex wife during the show, which was stupid. He also talked about “getting some” which was tacky. He is supposed to be entertaining people, not whining about his personal life and bragging about his sex life.

  6. what did criss mean by “DBA”
    Dumb Blonde Association?

  7. Nevermind… -^.^-
    (Douche Bag Asshole) lol

  8. Now that I know his real name is Mario< what is his real last name ? he is an insult to the real Paris Hilton!

  9. Emily (EM…the magician) on:

    I saw beLIEve last time i was in vegas. And i loved it. I think Criss is going back to what magic really is. Its about believing in something that it mystical and beautiful…not just about being entertained.. Loved the music and the dancers…It could use some better illusions but i loved it all the same. Those who pick on the show do not really know the true meaning of magic

  10. Perez is a loser, and really isnt worth anymore of my energy to type more insults about him. Criss….Hmmm…. Well its no secret he is becoming more and more disliked (for lack of a better word). I think Criss and the DBA both got a little something they deserved. Theres actually more people in Vegas involved in the entertainment side of things that want Criss out. And no, not because theyre jealous(gahh Im so sick of that come back to everyone that has a problem with Criss) Theyre just tired of the bad press and his ever growing ego. Criss isnt going back to what magic really is. I wish he was, but he isnt. The day he does will be the day his fellow magicians will start respecting him again.

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