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January 9th, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under Products

Fallen Ellusionist Review Daniel Garcia Fallen
Daniel Garcia’s Fallen is about to hit the streets and most of you have seen the trailer for it on our site. The buzz on the forums has been great over this effect.

I’ve been doing the Ambitious Card for almost 25 years and over that time have had a variety of endings for it. I’ve had the card appear in my wallet, back in the card case, in a matchbook and on the ceiling. While these endings have received good reactions, I never thought that they flowed properly with the routine, leaving the ending feeling disjointed.

Over the years I’ve also seen a variety of marketed endings which, while clever, involved both pricey gimmicks and something extra that needed to be carried around.

Daniel Garcia Fallen

Danny’s Fallen is the best of all worlds for an Ambitious Card ending
. It’s visual, there’s no gimmicks, nothing to wear out, real world angles, everything can be examined and best of all, is congruent with the rest of the routine. What your audience is going to see is their outjogged card s-l-o-w-l-y rise up to the top of the deck. No jerky movements, the effect is very smooth.

Fallen is something you will learn fairly quickly. There are several subtleties that Danny teaches that makes his technique look like real magic. Don’t rush through this just because you think you know the secret. The REAL secret is in the details.

If you’re not doing an ACR you’re missing out on an incredible part of your arsenal. I’ve read the comments people have posted “ACR is boring”. This routine is a classic and for good reason. The plot is straight-forward and like all good magic, the spectator can describe the effect afterwards. It’s uncomplicated.

Your ACR is boring if you make it that way. There’s no need for a 10 phase routine. 3 phases – 4 at the most, including the ending is what you need, with each phase being more impossible than the one before it.

Ambitious Card Training DVDCrash Course 2 – The Ambitious Card DVD is THE place to start learning about this effect. This is the first Ellusionist DVD I ever purchased. I was impressed with the training techniques and Brad’s teaching skills. Keep in mind I had been doing the effect for many years before seeing this and I still came away with new techniques & ideas.

Fallen is worth the time to learn even if you have an ending and even if you have one of the gimmick endings. It’s a technique that once you master you will have forever and can do an ACR with any deck anytime.

If you’re currently doing Ambitious Card or want to but don’t know how to end it, DEFINITELY give Fallen a try! If you’re new to ACR, pick up both and you’re ready to roll.


  1. LightningandIce on:

    I don’t have an ACR at the moment, but after seeing the preview video for fallen, I might start one!

  2. I will definitely be using this in conjunction with my ACR.
    Daniel’s material had always been different, modern and mindblowing…

    I can only hope that it’ll be available for purchase via download since they can’t ship to Singapore!

  3. James Sanford on:

    Yet another ingenious piece of utter amazement from the master himself, Daniel Garcia.

    Wow is all I have to say.

  4. Christian Hardy on:

    that is the best ACR ending I’ve seen in a long time. I am going to buy it as soon as it comes out

  5. that’s a very good trick right..
    i hope it will come soon..

  6. ITS …. JUST…. WOW… incredible another clever marvelous idea by the my favorite magician ….. this guy must be on on something cause what he does (invents ) is just awesome… i am soo getting FALLEN…

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