Eric Ross to appear on ‘Ellen’ Thursday

January 17th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

People from all industries watch YouTube. Ellen DeGeneres is one of them.

According to the show description for this Thursday’s episode, Ellen saw a video of Eric Ross doing a trick. She was so impressed that she had to get him on the show. Ross, creator of Rizer, Election and Conspiracy, will perform and hopefully get to hobnob with Amy Poehler during the taping for Thursday’s show.

This is a major score: Ellen has a great reputation for featuring magicians and treating them well. Check your local listings for airtimes. And check back later in the week, when Eric will dish to us what it was like behind the scenes.

EDIT: This post has been corrected to reflect scheduling changes made after this original post.


  1. Eric Ross to appear on ‘Ellen’ Wednesday: People from all industries watch YouTube. Ellen DeGeneres is one of th…

  2. I hope he doesn’t ask her to pick a card… because then the card will be lost, maybe signed, and then the card will be found… just like all the other magicians who have been on Ellen.


  4. 808Spades: Depends — she’s a syndicated show. Check your local listings.

  5. I hopes he performs Rizer!!!

  6. I hope he preforms something original and not just a standard pick a card. Rizer would be nice

  7. I too would’ve loved to see Rizer performed, but it didn’t happen.

    It was an interesting performance. It felt like Ellen and the audience didn’t really get what they were seeing. The only effect that I believe got the right reactions was the 2 card monte.

  8. I stand corrected. He did in fact perform Rizer, and it went down well.

    Great job!

  9. His performance was great, all of the tricks ge did very nicely without messing up, when with some of the tricks, it is easy to mess up, I know how he does all of them, they are done nicely.