Artists Interview: Eric Ross talks about Rizer

November 23rd, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Artist Interviews, Products

Rizer has been out a few days, and already it’s pulling out some stellar reviews and reactions. Before it was released, we wondered how it got created, so we went directly to the source.

In this podcast interview, we talked to co-creator Eric Ross about Rizer and how it came to be. While we had him on Skype, we talked about Election, Conspiracy, how he and B. Smith worked together when they keep different hours and what it’s like to work with Cyril Takayama. Oh, Joe couldn’t stop talking about the kinds of magicians who have no fear of ending dirty, so there’s some preaching in there, too. Enjoy.



  1. I want to get it so much! Since there is nothing to palm or hide and no fake skin, this sounds much better than the Gecko, and I was obsessed with that haha. I can’t wait to get this trick! My friend who is really good at magic and can explain a lot of the tricks and do them before he even buys it doesn’t even have an idea of how Rizer works, by far the best I’ve seen on Ellusionist!

  2. Artists Interview: Eric Ross talks about Rizer: Rizer has been out a few days, and already it’s pulling out some…

  3. Best trick i’ve ever seen, Very visual.. I’m planning on buying this

  4. great easy VISUAL every1 please get this u wont regret it

  5. Joshua harriman on:

    I’ve been doin magic for as long as I can remember and can usually come up with a logical explanation for most illusions but if this is as clean as they say it is then it will be in my ambitious card routine very very soon I can already see the possibilities …

  6. Fabian Ruiz on:

    I bought this trick its one of the best tricks ive done really gets the crowed pumped it changed the way people think about the things i do and im only 15 i really recommend it…good job eric ross and b. smith keep them coming thanks