Eric Ross gets a standing O on ‘Ellen’

January 20th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

From Eric Ross’ Twitter, we heard that his performance on “Ellen” went fantastically. And the tape proves it.

Ross, a delivered a great six-minute set on Ellen’s Thursday show. Ending with Rizer (the trick Ellen saw him do on YouTube, which led to his appearance), he put together a set that featured some classics (Here Then There is still a killer) and his own creations.

Our favorite part: When doing a rubber band trick, Ellen said, “Do that again.” Most magicians are trained to never repeat a trick. Ross did without a second thought — and knocked it out of the park. A close second was his version of Election for Ellen: He performed it with cards from Ellen’s souvenir store. The reaction from how they had picked the same card was so strong that they almost missed how the cards had different colored backs.

Check out the vid from Ellen’s site. Then show Eric some love on his Facebook or Twitter:


  1. @ericrossmagic KILLED on "Ellen." Links to his Facebook and Twitter are on the blog. Show the love:

  2. Eric Ross KILLS on ‘Ellen’: Give him a standing O: From Eric Ross’ Twitter, we heard that his performance on “El…

  3. Alexis Sukrieh on:

    RT @Ellusionist: @ericrossmagic KILLED on "Ellen." Links to his Facebook and Twitter are on the blog. Show the love:

  4. on:

    sorry for my French but, that was bad ass

  5. Mike Anderson on:

    I understand Eric Ross has great ideas for magic but his performances are always god awful. He has the talent to do way better and I was hoping he would step it up on Ellen, and in my opinion he didn’t.

  6. Of all the magicians in the world, Ellen chooses Eric Ross?

  7. Christopher E.Lane on:

    He performed really well, links, ambitious card plus transposition and rizer, street magic to next level. Rocks.

  8. Well done Eric way to keep magic thriving! Ignore the comments that are negative. I’m sure you’re doing what they cannot. Bravo!

  9. whew. . .Stunning Effects.

  10. finally a magician using simple slight of hand along with a nice perfomance to blow the spectators mind out

  11. Saw the performance on Thursday. As already stated he comes out with decent stuff but his presentation SUCKS!!!!!

  12. Was impressed at first, but that last trick I could see how he did it. Kind of disappointed now.

  13. he goes way to fast and gives wayyy to many indicators for the moment the magic happens. part of the magic of the moment is the LACK of anticipation on the spectators part! he is a genius, but not a great performer.

  14. Norman Basile on:

    Eric Ross described his profession as a creative consultant. Yes, his role for Ellen’s show was to be a magician/ Illusionist but he didn’t actually claim to be either (possibly the reason for the lack of his performance). I also was disappointed in the presentation seeming that I utilize the effect in my performances and feel that I, “tie it in,” in a way that makes it more surprising, spontaneous, and entertaining, just like Brad Christian explains in “Your Sleights Mean Nothing”. With that said I still give Eric Ross props for creating the idea. I feel that he left it up to us performers to present this effect in the most “magical” way possible. I say support Eric however he wanted to experience his first six minutes of fame and thank him for setting the bar with room for us to raise. I will be using the riser for the rest of my career and instead of discrediting Eric’s presentation, I’ll spend my time practicing my own presentation that suits my style of creating a magical performance. Thank you Eric Ross.

  15. Wow! That was possibly the worst presentation of magic, that I have ever seen on TV. I could not believe how poorly Ross performed a double lift. Why would you perform card tricks that all of America has seen David Blaine perform; not only has David Blaine performed them, but he performed them well, and his patter made since. I did not understand why Ross kept saying that he takes tricks and ideas and makes them better, when the only thing original that he performed was Riser. I think that Ross needs to take a look at “Crash Course” and “Crash Course 2″, and see how the tricks should be done. Better luck next time Ross.

  16. anthony bueno on:

    ay like brad always says keep it simple and you can get amazing reactions i like how he used rizer for his ending that was good..

  17. Really blown away that Eric got on the show. To say that everything he did except Rizer were “classics” is an incredible understatement. He performed basic effects with mediocre performance quality at best. I have recently appeared on NBC, been in Newsweek and I perform world wide and the fact that a decent effect like Rizer got a below par performer with extremely basic material on the Ellen Degenerous show should really show people how ANYONE can be great! Perform high quality magic as an entertaining personality that is solely you! Discover what your character is and perform. Little disappointed in the quality of this guy but love the trick Rizer. What kind of magicians of the future are Ellusionist and Theory 11 turning out? Fame has nothing to do with quality now a days.

  18. Sucked! Holy crap! He nothing was original and the classics were performed horribly!!!!

  19. Okay people, first of all, his final effect wasn’t Rizer, it was Election, which is a very good effect. Yes, most of us intermediate to advanced magicians were probably expecting something more original and amazing than the “cliche” ACR, but did you see his hands? He was shaking like a leaf! So I thought to myself, hmm…if I was on national television for the first time in my life with millions of people and cameras watching, and I only had ONE shot to get it right, you can bet your ass I would have been just as nervous if not more. Having said that, I would have started out with ACR too. And yeah, he used the least convincing method for double-lifting, but it was the most secure, which was smart in my opinion considering his nerves and shaky hands. Besides, the general public knows nothing of double-lifting methods and would never be critical of such a thing. He played it safe with ACR, then turned it up a notch visually with his linked band routine, and then brought it home strong with Election. For his first television performance, he should be very happy with himself. Well done, Mr. Ross.

  20. Okay, so apparently he did Rizer at some point after the commercial break, but I had already changed the channel. Either way, my general analysis still applies.

  21. Watch Jamy Ian Swiss’s last appearance on Craig Ferguson NATE DOGG. Then you will see how to handle a national TV Spot and not pee your pants.


  23. Ross supporter on:

    If you can’t something nice, why say anything at all!!!

  24. Mike Anderson on:

    For “Ross Supporter”, without constructive criticism one can not make changes to ones self. Telling everybody everything is gumdrops and lollipops will not get anyone anywhere in a realm where being a professional is your job. Telling a person they did a poor job and they should focus on their sleights or presentation is better than saying “OMG, That was great” Especially when in your heart you know it was not.

    Your job as a Professional Magician is to prove to your audience without a shadow of a doubt, that YOU are the best magician they have ever seen and ever will see.

  25. I agree with you mike! I could understand if Ross performed one trick badly, but every trick was done badly. I could not believe that any magician would mess up the Ambitious Card Routine so much; for goodness sake, I performed it 10 times better than that when I was 14. I do not have any pity for Ross for the reason that he kept acting like he was original and claimed that he renovated the tricks, which of course was a lie. I would have rather seen magicians like Justin Miller, Daniel Garcia, Wayne Houchin , or Brad Christian on “Ellen”, performing something such as: Invisible palmed aces, pip matrix, cannibal cards, or Los Vegas Leaper.

  26. How can you have a peformance when you get a couple min on a show and the producers want x amount of effects. and that was rizer where he drew on his arm and he probably did draw it in real time for people who own the trick you know what i mean. how can anyone expect patter in a 3 min time constraint. he was told what they wanted on the show. you opinions dont matter he delivered and got PAID.

  27. PS. daniel garcia should have his own show. i agree i want to see him at a higher level. he is awe inspiring and can be funny. the DG show.

  28. Jason, I perform rizer, nor do I have it so I will not criticize him for that trick; however, I did a poor job with every other trick. If you only have three minutes, then do only a couple of tricks, but do them well; remember you want to perform the best tricks, not the most tricks.
    By the way, 3 minutes is enough time for patter.

  29. Robert what i am trying to say is yeah he could have done better if it was his show and had time. Its not therefore he has a time constraint and the producers tell him what they want for their show. hard to be a “good” peformer with them telling you what to do. i perform all them tricks and better then on that video but let me break it down for everyone.

    PRODUCERS: I want 2 tricks with card to top followed by a trick plugging our ellen cards then a quick plug for your tricks and you have a 3 min slot got it.

  30. Seriously? You think the format of his performance imposed by the producers made his performance suffer? As if he was set up to fail cause thats just so hard to do? Or do you think Eric Ross being a god awful performer MIGHT have something to do with it?

  31. Right on Daniel! Finally someone who actually has a clue; you can’t blame the producers for a pitiful sleight of hand skills, and a poor presentation.

  32. yes i do think they made him suffer i seen him perform better a couple times. 90% of my magic is planed and routine 10% street ready stuff 8% borrowed items and maybe 2 % where people can ask for a specific trick and i can do it well. when told what to do i lose my smoothness and control a little. I’m just saying call it stage fright with millions watching or pressure i can see why it was’nt “perfect” not his normal audiance.

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  37. Tsk,tsk,tsk.What has happened to this art we call magic.It used to be an Inernational BROTHERHOOD.Now it sounds like a bunch of whiners who have gotten too much,too easy,too fast.Much has been said about what this man did wrong when the only thing he is possibly guilty of is accepting a very big gig before he was ready.All of you who say he did this and that wrong or poorly,I haven’t yet heard how one of you would have improved it.Shame,shame.