Eric Jones reinvents coin magic in Metal: Coming Nov. 1 exclusively from Ellusionist

October 21st, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Coin magic was ready for a remake: After listening to customers and the magic community, we banked on creating a NEW, fresh approach to coin magic suited for beginners to intermediates. Much of coin magic was confined to a table or parlor setting, so it was time to make it street-ready. We sought out one of the best working professionals, then hand-picked some of the strongest coin material to give beginners a start and experts some polish.

Metal: Getting Started in High-Impact Coin Magic isn’t a typical coin magic video — it’s taught by Eric Jones, one of the underground’s masters. In just three years of performing professionally, Jones’ movement has become legendary — we’ve heard other pros say he has the Dai Vernon touch.

He’s filled Metal with solid utility moves that every worker should have in their arsenal, and his handlings for classics, including Three Fly and Spellbound. Consider Metal like a Ninja or Crash Course video for coins.

A lot of us get started with playing cards. But Eric (who is smooth as silk with cards, by the way) got his start in magic with coins. His time as a beginner was spent handling silver, and that experience carries through to anything he touches. You’ve seen what he can do — his one-handed Spellbound sent us into fits.

All these routines are specifically designed to work without gimmicked coins in a street, close-up environment. You won’t need tables, you won’t need to be seated. Much of this material you’ll be able to do with a quarter you borrow from someone else.

Here’s the bottom line: Card tricks rock, but the magic you can make with money is so much more visual than anything you can do with cards. Everyone carries change in their pockets, but NO ONE knows about these techniques, because they look so impossible. Jones’ Metal is a foundation for all-around good magic with anything — after you learn from this, you’ll handle everything differently.

Much more is coming, including a full trailer and a podcast interview. Metal by Eric Jones will be available on All Saints Day: Nov. 1.


  1. We sought out Eric Jones for Metal for a reason: He's one of the best in the business. Metal is coming Nov. 1:

  2. Alejandro Portela on:

    RT @Ellusionist: We sought out Eric Jones for Metal for a reason: He's one of the best in the business. Metal is coming Nov. 1:

  3. I met him last night and saw a demonstration, this was some really strong, great material. I plan on getting it!

  4. I met Eric Jones last night and got a demonstration, this DVD has some great stuff on it.

  5. (ノ゚ω゚)ノ 彡┻┻ on:

    Eric JonesのDVD出るのかー。これは楽しみ(*´ω`*)

  6. Got a preview copy about two weeks ago and this is off the CARTS!!!! Filmed really well too! You wanna do coins??? Get this DVD NOW!!!

    Andy Amyx