Ellusionist’s Invisible Deck app impresses reviewers

March 5th, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Reviews are coming in for Ellusionist’s Invisible Deck app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and they look pretty good:

  • “Ellusionist is always thinking outside the box. This is a clever app bringing magic and technology together. Great work!” ~Doug Freeman
  • “I just downloaded this app 10 minutes ago and have already performed this for my wife. I can already see how handy this will be when I don’t have a physical invisible deck with me. The routine possibilities are just flowing through my head right now. Great App! Great Price!” ~Adrian Argueta
  • “Wow! Ellusionist have done it again this time on the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad… What an awesome trick this is. It’s easy to learn´and it amazes people! I’ve used this trick alot of times… it works both for street magic and stage magic.” ~Peter Gram
  • “Finally something good with cards for the iPhone.” ~Shawn Mullins

There are a slew of magic apps out there. What separates Ellusionist’s Invisible Deck from the crowd is how the method and design eliminates all those pesky “technological explanations.” Your spectators will watch the magic happen in their hands. Brad Christian and Jason Brumbalow spent months designing and testing, in order to ensure that this app felt exactly like an invisible deck performance.

You know that the ol’ ID is Plan B for us magicians. It’s one of the few magic tricks that is strong, hard-hitting and near foolproof. Download the Invisible Deck today, try it out on your spectators tonight, then post your own review. Let us know how it works for you.


  1. Ellusionist on:

    Reviews about our Invisible Deck app are coming in. http://bit.ly/92pG6g Have you picked it up yet? http://bit.ly/bCrXKa

  2. This looks great and all, but what about all us blackberry users?

  3. Joe Hadsall on:

    What version of the OS do you use? Touch screen model?

  4. i am using the blackberry storm 1

    model 9530

    OS 5.0 touch screen


  5. i dont see it for the droid. how can i get it?

  6. can you make an app for a blackberry curve becuase it looks amazing if you have can you please send me a link :)

  7. What about android users??