Ellusionist video contest winner announced

September 6th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General, Products

We knew this would be a tough decision.

We narrowed down a pool of almost 50 entries to 10 finalists in our 2009 Video Contest. Truth be told, any one of those vids could have walked away with the prize. There were great card performances, great performances of Stigmata, some great coin work and more. But, believe it or not, the thing that got our attention the most was a video with sponge balls.

Not that the sponge balls were the thing that pushed us over the edge. In fact, one of our judges thought, “Our contest winner is using sponge balls? Really?” But no one had a better connection with his audience all the way through his performance than TimurY. And that wins him the title of Ellusionist’s Performance Champion for 2009.

Timur’s performance was polished. His handling of his prop was impeccable — one judge knew that a multiball production was coming, but could not see the load. His video quality was excellent and his patter — even though we couldn’t understand a word of it, was delivered well enough to hold his audiences attention throughout the whole performance.

It just goes to show that simple hits hard.

Here’s what Timur wins for his work:

  • 24 Arcane decks, Ellusionist’s new custom deck of playing cards. We’ll make sure he gets some of both colors.
  • A rare, precision-cut Porper clip featuring the Arcane ace. There won’t be a lot of these floating around.
  • A $100 shopping spree at Ellusionist.com. He’ll stock up on books, a href=”http://www.ellusionist.com” target=”_blank”>magic tricks, supplies or maybe more sponge balls.
  • His video will appear all over the place on Ellusionist’s Web site and social networking sites. We’re talking on our YouTube channel, Facebook page, front page of the site and more.

So, what do you think? Respond in this thread on the forums. While you’re there, cast your vote for who wins Member’s Choice. Tell ALL of the finalists and all of the competitors about the job they did. And work your chops, because we will be doing more contests like this around the bend.


  1. Congratulations mate. It was a real treat to see someone using spongeballs [an oft overlooked magic classic in this age of things going thru bottles and expensive gimmicks that achieve the exact same thing as some good old fashioned FREE sleight of hand skill] and you used them amazingly well.

    24 Arcane decks huh??!?

    Lucky bugger…

    Well done again.


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    Ellusionist video contest winner announced | Online Magic News … http://bit.ly/1EIhJy

  4. While I am extremely humbled to have been included as a finalist, I must say a TREMENDOUS job well done, Timur!

    I stand a mere mortal among a God (of Spongeballs) 😉

    – Brakkiss

  5. I seen that video like 4 months ago on another website

  6. Great work man..
    I’m proud to be in the final with you.. :)

  7. congradulations man you did amazing!
    can’t wait until the arcane decks come out for sale