Ellusionist artists roll out new Web sites

March 4th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Aaron Fisher and Justin Miller have unleashed new Web sites upon the world, worthy of deeper looks:

Aaron’s new Web site is filled with upcoming projects, videos and information. It includes a trailer for his legendary book, “The Paper Engine” (available from Ellusionist soon). At the :59 mark, prepare to be blown away, as he demonstrates a few effects from the book. (Spoiler alert: The pop-out move is COLD.) One of the greatest parts of his site is his blog, where the learning continues. Check it out for some great tips on the pass and the top change.

Justin’s new site also features a ton of information, including sneak peeks at new projects and a forum. Some of his works include his “Huh?” notes made for a tour in 2005. The notes were lost for a spell, but they have been found, and are now available. Check out the video for his effect, “Miller Cases Dancy.” Classic JM. Oh, speaking of “classic JM,” have you seen¬†Captured yet? Fierce.


  1. Looks like Aaron got slashdotted