Ekaterina’s challenge to flourishers: Perform live

January 6th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

We love watching manipulators and flourishers do incredible things with cards. Only problem is that we wish we saw more of them doing their thing live.

Apparently, Ekaterina Dobrokhotova agrees. We found this vid of her on TheCuso’s Youtube page (his study session is pretty slick, too) challenging viewers to give more live performances during the new year. To show that she walks like she talks, she performs for some random folks at a mall. We love the reactions she gets. Seriously: She’s half performing and half demonstrating in this video, and the guys watching are floored.

We back her up in her challenge. Hey, manipulators and XCMers: Why are you not performing live? You pour hours and hours of practice into your craft. Share it with the world.

If this is something you want to learn, De’vo’s Xtreme Beginners is the best place to start.


  1. f**king cool!

  2. Attention flourishers and XCMers: Ekaterina found an opportunity you should seize, and we agree with her: http://bit.ly/e562pO

  3. You’re amazing. I forwarded this link to a cardist friend of mine.

  4. She performed XCM (Close-up Comp)at our kitchener cam convention this past year, She was awsome.

    It was also a remembred convention with Shawn farquhar
    lecturing etc.

    JC Wagner also attended cam here and lectured as well, may have been one of his last few conventions he attended before passing. Nice to have met him and had
    a chit chat in the lobby with him along with Marc Mason.

    Great Job Ekaterina

  5. Fantastic. I like the public performances as well. Her ‘produced’ video that ya posted a few months ago looks great, but I was left wondering if she tried some of those smooth tricks 200 times before she got it right on film.

    Obviously I was wrong. She knows her stuff and can demonstrate it. Bravo. Highly tuned skills indeed. Thanks and cheers!

  6. anthony bueno on:

    i take the bus to and from school and i sit on the bus and do my little fans and s fans and one handed cuts and springs.. i cant do too much but i do it whille i walk around school and sitting down waiting for class and i can see people trippin out off me..lol, but i just do it cause i have no other time to practice.