E joins forces with the Las Vegas magic convention that will feature Ponta’s U.S. debut

September 27th, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Ponta the Smith, creator of the ultra-smooth coin magic in Sick, will make his first U.S. appearance at a new magic convention scheduled for May 23-25, 2011, in Las Vegas. Also on the lineup are Wayne Houchin, Pit Hartling, Michael Ammar, Shoot Ogawa, Richard Sanders and Banachek.

We love magic conventions, but we sometimes also get frustrated with them. There’s so much knowledge available at them, but when a certain session doesn’t really speak to us, or apply to us, we start to feel like we’re just sating curiosity about how a magic trick is done, and not really learning anything.

So count us fans of IMX2011. The International Magic Convention is going to feature all of the above and more, but in smaller, customizable sessions with more detailed instruction. Don’t get us wrong: Banachek is awesome, but if you’re not a mentalist, you’d probably rather listen to Hartling or Houchin, right?

So how does that work, exactly?

“There will be multiple repeat sessions happening simultaneously, so at any one time you will have multiple sessions taking place,” said organizer Craig Mitchell. “Delegates will be able to log onto the Website, select their sessions and create their own custom convention experience based on their particular interests.”

Class sizes and frequency will be determined by attendees’ preferences, which will be filed before the event, Mitchell said. The lineup is packed with worldwide professionals, including some of the top names in magic today, and those who register early will get priority for sessions and seating.

You know how we are when we think something is a great idea: We get involved. Ellusionist is joining forces with IMX2011. Currently, registration for the entire three-day conference is $149. If you register early, you’ll also get a free $30 download of one of our videos, and an invite to an E-only event with conference artists.

Check out the early registration deal (including VIP treatment and what a Pro Pass will get you) and find out how you can stay at the convention for free, including your flight, hotel stay and registration. You’ll have to fund your own test of your absolutely iron-clad blackjack system, though. They won’t cover that.


  1. Ponta the Smith's U.S. debut will happen at a magic convention that E is getting behind. Check out IMX2011: http://bit.ly/9T7Hjx