Dynamo’s walk across River Thames gets press for new show

June 27th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

So far, a majority of people who get to see Dynamo’s magic are A-list celebrities and YouTube fans. That’s about to change.

“Dynamo: Mission Impossible” is set to debut July 7 in the U.K. To stir up attention, the self-styled hip-hop magician took a walk across the Thames River in London with no bridge.

The photos in reports from British newspapers, including the Daily Mail, demonstrate the impact. In one photo, a crowd has gathered on a bridge above him just to watch. According to the report, he made it about half way across the stretch in front of the Houses of Parliament before a River police boat — allegedly — picked him up.


  1. and nobody filmed it what with all mobiles having cameras on them these day’s Really???

  2. mind you i more suprised west london council allowed him to set it up that close to the palace of westminster

  3. Muito legal esse lugar da foto.