Doctors: Blaine’s head won’t explode, but…

September 19th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under David Blaine
Photo courtesy New York Daily News

Photo courtesy New York Daily News

As it turns out, hanging upside down has some health benefits, according to information in this NewYork Daily News story. Rosie O’Donnell does it to treat depression. Dan Brown does it to inspire plot lines. Richard Gere did it in “American Gigolo.”

But is 60 consecutive hours healthy? Not so much, say doctors.

“His head is not going to explode, but it could cause some problems with the blood flow to his brain,” said Washington doctor Michael Friedman. “I wouldn’t do it, and I wouldn’t counsel anyone else to do it.”

Even health professionals who tout inversion therapy don’t recommend it for that long. Most people have difficulty with 15 minutes, said inversion therapist Anthony Cardenas in the story, and the longest he goes is 30 minutes at a 45-degree angle.

Blaine begins his 60-hour hang on Sept. 22. The conclusion will be aired during “David Blaine: Dive of Death,” at 9 p.m. EST Wednesday, Sept. 24, on ABC.

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