David Blaine Postpones Latest Stunt

February 7th, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under David Blaine

David Blaine Sleep DeprivationDavid Blaine’s latest feat of attempting to not sleep for 13 days is being delayed by several months. David is still training for the stunt, calling it his most demanding ever. He wants to reach a target weight and maintain that weight for an extended period before attempting the potentially brain-damaging stunt.

Blaine tells the New York Post, “This one demands a lot out of me.
“I run 13 miles a week around Central Park’s reservoir. I’m down from 230 to 195 pounds in seven weeks. And of course I’m dieting. My raw diet has brown rice, no red meat or animal products besides fish.

“Nothing fits anymore. My wardrobe’s a disaster. I’m using belts. I need to drop another eight pounds and then stay this way. It’s not healthy to go up and down.”


  1. seems interesting….!!!

    I hope blaine intends to preform some of his street magic….to remind us of his immaculate skill !!!

  2. I Really hope david blaine do us anther dvd.like the one before because so many people thinks that they are better then him.but i am sure they are not.he is the best.best of the best.all of them are noting comparing to him.i just hope he come agin and do a video and all of the country’s and call it the real wizard return
    thanks alot.
    Crazy SID-Magic Freak of libya

  3. im with SID. David blaine may not be perfect, but he sure kicks alot of other guys asses! At least his stunts are interesting. cant wait for this one.

  4. I’ve never been much of a fan of David but if he pulls this off I will definatley be impressed. I’ve alway though his street magic is simple and he does the easiest things. Mostly because I can figure them all out by watching one of his tricks once. But, I never said I wasn’t impressed by his stunts. He does actually do quite well with them and I’ll be rooting for him on this one.

  5. I’ve got big respect for DB. In contrast to Colt, I love DB’s close-up work because it IS simple – and as we all know from the majestic Brad Christian….SIMPLE. HITS. HARD.

    Good luck, Mr. Blaine. I hope you don’t come out of this stunt ala R.P. McMurphy

  6. Well, having read that people can die if they don’t sleep for 10 days straight, I have to say this will be interesting.

    A magician figuring out another magician’s trick doesn’t make the latter magician bad. Such a notion is ridiculous as long as the trick fools the primary lay audience.

    The funny thing is, the simple out for DB’s stunt is quite simple- go to sleep…

  7. very boring,it would be more worth keeping track of if he added a little magical twist to his endurance stunts.

  8. 13 days with no sleep, that’s 312 hours awake! If he can do this (not that it’s very interesting) I will be impressed. I’ve been a big Criss and Blaine fan, they are the reason I started magic. So I say I wish you the best of luck and hope all goes well for you.

  9. Alrom Christian Ricafuente on:

    David Blaine rules. I like his stunts and magic. I am one of his avid fans.

  10. i never really thought that David Blaine was much of a street magician, more over someone who used magic to get his stunt-devil career off the ground. never the less, what he does is pretty demanding and its no wonder he has to postpone something every now and then,

  11. Although I’m not as much a follower and fan of David Blaine, I do wish him the best on this 13 day quest to stay awake! There are times when my insomnia is so bad that I have gone 7 to 9 days, (168 to 216 hours) without sleep so I know firsthand how much endurance it is going to take to go 13 days without sleep! Best of Luck to ya D.B.!!!

  12. what the eff david blaine why would you not want to sleep for 13 days i can barely a whole day without falling asleep in class

  13. I hope he kicks Criss Angels a** back to the “Barby shop” (hint: Criss angel- long hair, girly and how he pronounces “S”-s).

    I wish Mr. Blaine good luck and please bring magic back to the right direction, because Miss Criss Angel made magic look like s…….

  14. Mark Rossi on:

    He should not be encouraged to attempt this dangerous feat.