David Blaine finally breaks World Record…

April 30th, 2008 | Jason Brumbalow | Filed Under David Blaine

He’s nothing if not persistent!

After falling somewhat short of breaking the world record for the longest time spent holding breath underwater, during his Drowned Alive special last year, Blaine finally cracked it – this time live on the Oprah show.






David Blaine in his glass bubble from the Drowned Alive special.

The record was previously set at 16 minutes and 32 seconds by Switzerland’s Peter Colat, now stands at a frankly astonishing 17 minutes and 4 seconds.

In the record attempt, Blaine was permitted to inhale pure oxygen for up to 30 minutes – though he apparently only required 23 minutes of that time.

After realising his lifelong dream, he surfaced and after a few short gulps of air, proclaimed that he felt great.

Next up for Blaine is another record attempt – staying awake for 13 days, to break the current record of 11 and a half. Guiness no longer officially recognise this record, due to it’s inherent danger.


  1. well, congrates to David Blaine.. but it think that hes one of the greatest magicians out there and he should stop doing stunts and start doing magic again.. hes way better than angel

  2. Blaine is an OG baby.

  3. David Blaine you are awesome and congratulations on breaking the world record!!! Also good luck on your next one!!!!

  4. gratz to blaine but i am currently thinking that he might be cheating i talked to my parents and they said after like 5 minutes or so… u get brain damage and i think he might be using a equiptment to breathe but i am not accusing him i was just wondering.

  5. he was clearly not cheating
    5 minutes is for like a normal person
    he put himself through grueling training program which including eating only certain foods and sleeping in tents which contain a low percentage of oxygen so red blood cell count could increase…
    and the guiness book of world records recognized him with the official world record for it.
    congrats david blaine
    u rock.

  6. anonymous on:

    Wow…. 17 minutes.

    Roy: You don’t get brain damage after 5 minutes, especially after inhaling pure oxygen for half an hour and going through training to increase your bloods efficiency at carrying oxygen.
    If it was Criss, then I’d understand any doubts. 😛

  7. This man is stubborn, thats what makes him awsome.

  8. When he’s doing magic and breaking records at the same time, people are going to doubt at him. This can be a magic trick etc. So I think he shouldn’t break records because he’s a magician and can use tricks. If you understand me…

  9. Please, David don’t attempt the staying awake record! Research this one. Most people who have done this have suffered long lasting mental illnesses: depression, bipolar disorder… It can really screw up your brain. I work in a psychiatric hospital. We see some people who stay awake for several days. The record has probably been broken by someone in a psych hospital who wasn’t even trying. There was a radio host who did this and suffered depression the rest of his life, lost his job, divorced… I think he comitted suicide. I hope you read this and choose something less drastic. How about doing some more magic? You can be sensational without risking your mental health.

  10. 17 minutes? Oh wow! Thats a new standard. Congrats, David! Hope you succeed on your next World-Record.

    Great Job!

  11. That is double than the previuos stunt.That is madness.I think that he should start doing more street magic in his shows.If he survives the next stunt, I have got to meet him.

  12. Brian Cross on:

    Congrats to you DB on your new record but I agree with Tom Mace from May 5, 2008 that you research the stay awake for 13 days because even though I am a performer, I suffer from insomnia and there’s been times when I have been awake from 7 to 9 days at a time without sleep (I could probably go 13 to 14 if I tried). I have been fortunate by not having long lasting side effects like mental illness or bipolar disorder but I have had bouts with depression after about 5 days and it may screw up your sleep schedule whatever yours may be! Just my opinion but seriously reconsider this stay awake record attempt because after about 6 days you start to feel like you are in a zombie state or at least that is how I feel!!!

  13. KingOfNynex2003 on:

    Congrats David you finally beat that record and I agree with Brian and Tom it’s way too dangerous to stay awake for 13 days the longest I’ve ever stayed awake without sleep was 7 days and that was really pushing it but I was also drinking 15 Jolt colas a day to stay awake and I was lucky I didn’t have any long lasting side affects but hey if you want to lower your iq by about 50 points by doing this then that’s your own decision I’m not saying that you will lose that many points but there is always that small chance you could lose that many points.

  14. Dude!!! Magic!!! Well, I do admit thats pretty cool, not everyone could break world records.

  15. Go Blaine!

  16. Werm Sauce on:

    im pretty sure plenty of meth heads have stayed awake for more than 13 days

  17. hey blaine ! I like your stunts it switches things up a bit but if your goin for a record I got to agree with the rest of these guys and say that its not exactly worth the risk ,but, if you wanted to do something it would be cool to see you do something athletic like, wind surf around the world or something as kick ass as that. Just a small suggestion from a magician to another.

  18. David blaine you are my idol ilove what you do you are smart and you know if you can do something. other people listen to me when isay i think david will be fine if he stays awake for 13 days because he is in a state where he can control many of the functions of the human body that many others can’t control he won’t sleep but he can put himself in a transe to give himself energy. what do you think he sdoes in the water. he loosens his muscelks and realeases tension so his body will fall asleep expept for his brain and lungs and heart so most of the produced blood goes only to those organs giving him sort of super human abilities. the reason why we are tired is because of the energy we consume throuought the day b ut if he does what i think he will do the ithink that he is upto the chalenge.

    ps. david blaine you rock and chris angel is a no talent hack who has no life and thinks his little camera tricks are cool but they are not so don’t feel that you have to live up to him cuz you don’t cuz your already the best you rock david. livelife is like a see saw it has it s ups and downs but if you never try anything new you’ll just be bored all around.

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