Daniels: No respect for David Blaine

November 9th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

For those wondering what Paul Daniels has been doing: He has been searching for the best sausage in Britain, as part of British Sausage Week (Sorry, Brits, we just can’t bring ourselves to call them “bangers” for very immature reasons). In an interview with Andrew Trendell of the Nottingham Evening Post, he spoke about a number of things, including today’s crop of magicians including Derren Brown, David Blaine and Criss Angel.

Blaine and Angel drew Daniels’ ire, because of their use of technology:

“I can’t respect David Blaine, Chris (sic) Angel and particular others coming from America. There was a rule for us magicians when we were on television, and that was that if you can’t do it live then you don’t use technology to change the appearance. You have to be able to do it live, that’s the job of being a magician.”

Daniels also wasn’t impressed with how Blaine has moved into stunts, and his wife, Debbie McGee, said that it’s the same thing as the vaudevillian endurance acts of the Great Depression, only that TV companies are paying, not customers.


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  3. I have no respect for you if you do not respect Blaine.Simple as that.Blaine is one of the major influences for a variety of Magician’s and disrespecting him is nor right.

  4. Steven LaFitte on:

    I can see Paul’s point of view on this, magic in the pure form is based strictly on the skill level of the individual performing it.

    Of course Paul was born in 1938, so he comes from an old school magic style.

    Naturally he isn’t going to be in favor of technology used in the manner in which he described it.

    I feel that he needs to be a little more understanding to the fact that just like with any form of entertainment it needs to take steps forward to evolve and to survive.

    After all this is 21st century.

    I do not know David Blaine or Chriss Angel personally but from what I gather I’m confident in saying David & Chriss won’t be losing sleep over any of Pauls comments.

  5. Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it’s impossible to please everyone. I also agree with Steven LaFitte’s post, I highly doubt Criss Angel or David Blaine will be losing any sleep over this.

    The only question I have in regards to his comments is, what other American Magicians does he also have no respect for?