Daniel Madison to starve self

October 12th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Add British magician Daniel Madison in the list of magicians to test their physical and mental selves.

Madison, the magician and flourisher who appears in Xtreme Beginnerz 2, announced on his Web site that he would starve himself as part of a mental test, called “The Hunger.” The stunt, which he began on Oct. 3, is the first event in something he calls “The Madison Show.”

By doing the stunt, Madison is responding not to his stomach, but his mind. He explains:

I have one force of motivation; having survived a long run of insomnia I suffered delusions and nightmares that one day soon I will lose my mind; this induced my fascination with the human mind beyond any thought I have ever had. I once trained my memory to a near-photographic level, I have beat addictions, illnesses and endured fetes that I will not speak of with nothing more than mind control and it’s become my obsession to find out the limits of my mind before it is too late.

Madison mentions he’ll be using a “Bale diet” — likely a reference to British actor Christian Bale and the well-publicized weight loss he endured for his roles in the recent Batman movies and “The Machinist.” For the role of Trevor Reznik, Bale lost 63 pounds, to the shock of director Brad Anderson. Whatever exact diet he uses to starve himself, Madison isn’t talking details — only that extreme weight loss isn’t to be “advertised or glamourized.”

Throughout the duration of “The Hunger,” Madison will be under the supervision of his doctors and his wife, who happens to be a staff nurse.


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