Daily Show plays race card ambitiously

October 7th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

When we’re not practicing Aaron Fisher’s Illusion Control or dreaming up new uses for the M5, we chill in front of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. So we went absolutely crazy go nuts when we saw “Senior Black Correspondent” Larry Wilmore break out a pack of League Backs. While you may not agree with the politics or commentary, you gotta agree that Wilmore killed with his ambitious card routine (starts at 2:53):

Two words: HECK YEAH. Did you see how shaky his hands were, yet he still killed it? There’s more to talk about from this video, and you can do so in this thread on the forums.


  1. Ricardo Andrés García on:

    wow… that was really funny,but really good… aside for how shaky his hands were.

  2. Remember that video of magic on The Daily Show we told you about? It’s right here, and it kills: http://bit.ly/Qh7Vd

  3. Larry Widmore performed some magic on last night’s Daily Show, even though he was shaking badly it’s quite amazing: http://bit.ly/Qh7Vd

  4. Micheal Lloyd on:

    That was awesome!
    The most unique patter for ACR i’ve seen! LOL

  5. lol “Jon, that is so racist. Could you say that? I bet if I was Chris Angel you wouldn’t say that. MiNdFrEaK!”

  6. :-) Good stuff!

  7. Artist Interview: Larry Wilmore | Online Magic News – Ellusionist Street Magic Blog on:

    […] Show with Jon Stewart, took the time to catch up with us about magic — mostly about that incredible “race card” routine he performed on the show last week. The author, writer and actor also talked about his upcoming […]

  8. That made my day seeing ACR and variation of Mercury aces being done on nation tv.

  9. God I hate my hands start to shake. I usually stop the trick dead in its tracks. Take a few deep breaths. Try to figure out whats making me nervous. Then slowly get back into the trick.

    Great performance.

  10. William Prophet on:

    Haha, wow. Larry Wilmore is my new favorite co-host on the Daily Show. I don’t see why he said his pass was terrible though. I thought it was pretty good.