Criss Angel Spoofs David Blaine

February 14th, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under Criss Angel, David Blaine

This is a very funny video of Criss Angel impersonating David Blaine. Not quite as funny as the Blaine parodies (“What the eff David Blaine?”), but Angel nails it!

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  1. Ok… so where’s the video?

  2. yeah,on top of it all,criss is quite the character…can be hilarious.thanks 4 posting and i’m gonna do alittle criss angel impersonation here…CRISS ANGEL RECEIVES PRESTIGIOUS INTERNATIONAL MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR AWARD
    Watch history in the making as Criss receives the prestigious International Magician of the Year Award this Thursday, February 14th, 7 PM, the Atrium at the Luxor.
    He will be the only 2 time back to back recipient in history and 4 time recipient of this award.
    how did i do?he always gets a plug in there for himself,master promoter…gotta love the guy!and i’m not making fun of him,i really do admire him!

  3. i personaly hate criss angle dont really have a reason but i do mabe caus i am a really big fan of david blaine

  4. I agree with him as well, I just have no admiration or liking for Criss and his style of magic. BUT on the subject of this video, it is funny. not as good as the other guy. (WAT THE EFF!) or (ZAOOOOZA….) lol good times

  5. wow…this is actually really funny…but I think it’s kind of messed up that criss would do this even out of respect. I think he respects David Blaine but is kind of pissed off at the fact that he got insane reactions from his balducci levitation and everyone talked about it while criss got pretty much the same reactions from his levitation.(not stooged camera edited building one)

  6. Hey Chris Angel I hope you read this, as a magician and a big fan of yours care or don’t care I lost total respect for you, first of all going and intruding in other peoples Art (licensed psychic) and now this. I think your a spoiled child and I don’t know if you had nothing to do or no one had any new tricks for you to perform, but for you to go on and make fun of Blaine was very low of you. I think he was the one that inspired you to come out with your own show and made you who you are today. I have never seen anything like this in the magic world and I think your just waiting to get kicked off the magic scene. Grow up and stick with your own game you’re only becoming child now. Take it easy…

  7. Hahaha, that was perfect!

  8. Dan amen!!

    This is exactly the reason why I hate Criss Angel. And this guy should represent magic?!?!

    So all magicians are egoistic like Criss Angel??

    If this is man that should represent magic, than I promise I will not call myself a magician anymore and I will never ever do a trick in public. I’m ashamed that he is in the magic business.

    Wow I cant even explain how much I hate this guy now after watching this.

    I hope that David Blaine kicks his *** with the new special.

    And by the way it wasn’t funny at all, it was stupid…..(the wtf guy did it much better)

    If I was one of the guys that think Criss Angel is a hero/awesome/cool I would visit the first church/ mosque/ synagogue for help.

  9. Check this out:

    hahhahahahah… this is what I call FUNNY.

  10. This is the last drop of s*** on my head, i hope Criss Angel gets an overdose on his ego and choke on his vomit, insulting the guy you messed with since you started is just not right and Criss is the last guy to make fun of someone who made magic popular enough for him to get a stupid TV show in the first place, there is no uniqueness on an art that gets exploited week after week with daily exposure for an extra buck, Criss Angel has no respect for this Art which he calls a business and he should never be allowed to call himself a magician,
    and if he is the one they call the best magician i don’t think i ever want to call myself one either…

  11. i think criss angel is jealous of david blaine. criss is a real jerk and only wishes people liked him as much as blaine. Criss has to remind people he has a fan base, he calls them “loyals.” Blaine doesn’t have to talk about his millions of fans. criss is a sad person and i don’t plan on wacthing his show any time soon.

  12. Prince Hidalgo on:

    Just like criss angel to do something thats already been done, thanks to those genius youtube guys who FIRST did this. Everyone can take a joke, but this is low. One magician poking fun of the other? This is making the art look childish, and im sure everyone here sees the problem with criss angels balducci at the start of the video, maybe he has forgot how to levitate without camera effects. Then his comment on blaine’s levitation, bashing it and everyone’s admiration of it. I know everyone gets their start doing street magic with cards and the like, but wasnt criss angel a stage magician until blaine’s specials got so much popularity that he came out with Mindfreak. And now, contributing nothing to street magic, and taking away from it so much, hes going back to stage. Not cool.

  13. I hate you Criss Angel! You are just a Media Product! Go and sing ! Leave magic alone!

  14. Wow!
    David Blaine revived the art of street magic! In fact, David Blaine is the one who initiated magic off the stage and into the streets with everyday people. I like Criss Angel, have personally met him, but this is not good. What is happening to magic?? It’s like everything else, self-centered and egoistic. Magic is about serving others with an astonishing ability, not knocking each other down on your way to a stupid award.

  15. This is just one of the many reasons why I hate Criss Angel. Criss Angel is just an arrogant A-hole. He is constantly challenging people like Copperfield and Blaine. The only people that have to constantly challenge people are people with self esteem issues that feel they constantly need to prove themselves. If Criss really believed he was so great he wouldn’t feel the need to constantly prove it. Criss Angel is a fad. Criss Angel sucks but Johnny Thompson might be even worse because he sold out to a creep like Angel.

  16. I think ALOT of magicians who are not well known are very jelous of Criss Angel for his fame and fortune. I thought this was funny.

  17. Hey Nick I guess you don’t see our point or don’t understand English very much so I recommend you to ask your parents to read what everyone wrote and explain it to you BEFORE you “THINK” allot of magicians…..not well known…. are very jealous. Cheers

  18. Alright, dude. Whatever. But the bottom line is that every magician over 30 years of age hates Criss Angel for some reason.

  19. Hey Nick, look whos talking about jealousy. Criss Angel is so insecure in his abilities he needs to attack David Blaine. Criss Angel is the one that is jealous.

  20. I think some of you are taking this way to seriously. Who cares? There are rivalries in EVERYTHING. I personally found the clip hilarious. If David Blaine came out and did a spoof on Angel I would probably find that hilarious as well. It’s just a rivalry. And because Ellusionist is instigating…it’s basically putting the Blaine fans against the Angel fans…arguing isn’t going to do anything.

  21. rocco giovacchini on:

    i can not hear this because my speakers are not working but i know what he trying to say.hes saying that thay both suck!

  22. Hey Criss, if you were to ever read this i have a question for you. I will give you 100 dollars of my personal money if you can tell me whats in my front pocket? I dont want to hear no mumbo jumbo on powers or greatness. Give up yet? Its a clinched fist with my middle finger held high, basicly saying F-YOU. When your show first came out i had some respect for you as an entertainer but now its all about the money and putting other magicians down. O watch me ride off in my new viper ooo here criss here is your “bling” this is not magic your egotistical prick this is you trying to make extra money by exploiting an art that some of us have worked years to perfect and it just so happens to be the way some of us make our livings. I have an effect i have always loved to perform which is the classic ashes on palm, which i converted to lipstick as greg wilsons explained in one of his video’s because smoking is out of fashion nowadays. So yeah i performed it one night and i got the “O i know how you did that criss angel gave the secret away on his show” To you it may not be a big deal, you B**ch a** gets paid either way, some of us have like entertaining, we like seeing peoples smiles and the joy we bring to them through our magic. You almost make me feel that i have wasted 7 years of my life devoting every waking second trying to become a good performer.

  23. I just wanna say that criss angel, in my mind, is a moron. i know how he does all of his “magic” on his shows, trying to make it seem like he really has powers. He’s so fake and in my mind he’s an idiot. David Blaine does awesome stunts that really take a lot of work and time to prepare for. criss does these stupid things on his show that take no real skill whatsoever. criss angel doesn’t deserve any awards for magic because he doesn’t do anything good enough and plus he’s a complete idiot. i also thought he was an idiot on the nbc show “Phenomenon” acting like he’s so much better than everyone else. well i’ve got news for him, he’s not.

  24. criss angel….hmmmm…….i used to have respect for him….until i saw that everything he did no normal magician could do without a bazillion dollars! :/
    he is a fake….he takes other magicians effects and puts twists on them by using other effects!
    half the mental side of his work comes from banchek :/
    criss angel has been too exposed to the highlife lifestyle and has no care anymore for the little guy :/
    CRISS ANGEL!!!!!! you are ruining magic for magicians all over the world!!!
    you do things things that people cant actually do in real live performances and then we get stuck because people are expecting us to float over the freaking roof!!
    there is only one way that you could fix this and gain back respect from everyone :/
    QUIT!!! start over….only use slight of hand…and then….be yourself! 😉
    I have some hope for you still but not much :/
    not unless you change!
    I hope your read this!
    micheal lloyd……….out 😉

  25. I think you men are just jelous of Criss! He is good at what he does and so is David. You people are ridiculous! Get a life they are both good and should get the respect they deserve.

  26. I remember when Criss didn’t have his show and David cam all out with his TV special Criss challenged him to a duel… so its not like he has the most respect for him… P.S. back then he also said he enjoys singing better then magic <—– LAME!!

  27. Pitch Perfect on:

    I like the way Criss Angel gave magic a new face lift in the form of his death metal, rock shtick, it was very refreshing to see a new slant on old tricks and illusions. He should be commended for this, but unfortunately this man also likes to flaunt his wealth, which quite frankly is sickening to watch. Some people might be all about the bling the fast cars, the women etc, but a little humility would really be nice to see from Mr. Angel from time to time. The fact that his big boy toys have become a large part if his shows doesn’t do him any favors, he come s off as brash, self centered, spoilt, conceited, and narcissistic. His illusions are great, well performed and thought out, if only he’d drop the rich boy act. As for making fun of David Blaine, I think it was disrespectful to poke fun at a fellow magician. Obviously Criss needs to learn some people skills if he’s going to win over the large percentage of the public who don’t think he’s the greatest magician that ever lived. To earn that accolade you have to truly respect your fellow magicians and those who have paved the way forward for the likes of Criss do this type of act today.

  28. Criss Angel is a wanker. Stupid mouth gape at the end of his boring tricks and his manufactured “bad boy” cheese metal persona say it all. Yawn. You wish you were David Blaine, mofo.

  29. Cris Angel Sucks.. Blain millions times better then you!!!

  30. david blaine=respected in magic community

    criss angel=dissed david blaine but he is a jokes in the magic community

  31. chris who? this guys a joke! and a huge douchebag!!! he is everything wrong with American media, all show and no talent. Its sad really, but whats even worse there are enough other douchebags out there to make him popular! I hate reality TV so much and if you enjoy it! GET A FUCKING LIFE!

  32. Everyone needs to understand that cross is more of a entertainer and a escape artist and he his a great guy I agree he shouldn’t have made fun of Blaine but you have to admit he his much better presenter and his a great magician weather we think he his or isn’t. Criss does street magic just as good or better then Blaine so give the guy a break and he says on the show that it’s all illusions other then his demastrations which are amazing and put Blaine to shame.

  33. First off.. Its hard to be a fake in something that isn’t based on reality to begin with. Criss has obviously been very successful with his career.

    Amazing Johnathan in Vegas used to, and may still, do an entire spoof of Criss in his show nightly! Its just in fun. No harm or foul.

    I think some people are taking this way to seriously.

  34. So, I have to chime in here. For those who know this story, you will know who I am. If not, it is better this way…

    Back in May, I made a trip to Las Vegas to take part in the IMX2011. Fun times were had! Well, during this trip, I was able to meet and hang out with Criss Angel. Everyone ended up getting invited by Criss to attend his Believe show the following night. The next day (the day of the show), I get called down to the bar with one of the people who also got invited. That person proceeded to tell me that everyone but ME was invited to Criss’ show.
    Why? Well, come to find out, he was OFFENDED that me and a friend of mine had filmed a few parody videos of him and they ended up on the internet. So that night I spent NOT hanging out with Angel. And that was fine to me, cause I ended up hanging with a much better crowd. The next day, Angel came to the IMX convention, and I was able to talk to him there about the incident. He proceeds to tell me that he doesn’t like to associate himself with people who make fun of him or parody him. Then I made sure he knew that I wasn’t the one who was actually parodying him. He then says “Yes, well you laughed at it.” Ummmm yes, of course I did cause it was effin’ funny!
    So he can dish it out all he wants, and even makes fun of David Copperfield in his show, but one little internet video shows up making fun of him, and he cries about it…

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