Criss Angel In Denial?

January 22nd, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under Criss Angel

Criss Angel Suspension Record broken is reporting that on Criss Angel’s official message board any mention of Matt Zane’s record-breaking suspension, the suspension that broke Criss Angel’s record, is deleted within minutes of posting.

Angel Killer Tshirt “It doesn’t surprise me.” Says Zane “Not only did I outlast him in terms of length, I did it with only 4 hooks instead of 8. A lot of his fans wrote me and said it was impossible and there was no way I could last 6 hours. Well I did and now his fans have to admit that Criss isn’t number one concerning one of his stunts. That generated a lot of speculation on his site to whether or not Criss would try to beat me. I don’t think he is up for it and I believe he just wants this whole thing to go away.”

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  1. What does this matt guy got against criss. I suppose it hard to susspend your self with 4 hooks but I want to see him levitate over the Luxor Light!

  2. My dad used to say: “Work to be the best at what you do, and when you are, know that there is always somebody better.” What it means is that no matter how great you are you always have to try to be better, every day you have to try to improve. If Criss does not want to surpass this man who beat him, then he is being mediocre (but thats not news).

  3. Wesley Dan Fields on:

    This is just two funny, I have never been a great admirer of Criss Angel.

  4. LightningandIce on:

    I’m not the biggest Criss Angel fan, but this Zane guy sounds like a real jerk. If he broke Criss’ record then that’s all fine and dandy, but he could at least be a good sport about it.

  5. r u guys serious. First of all these are stunts we are talking about, not Magic. Some might consider them to be impossible or “risky”, lol, but not magic. Does Criss even care? Hope not. U guys need to find something better to do w/ ur time. Ha!! u just made me waste mine.

    Extra-Ordinary Brent

  6. Yeah, i want to see him do a false camera effected illusion, why bother with these REAL STUNTS that involve pain and mental discipline. I applaud Matt, take him out on his other stunts too. not his camera edited stunts, but his real ones… does he have any other ones?

  7. Yea, I’ve never been a big fan of Criss either. He seem’s too cocky and “I’m the best.” To me everything he does is for fame, not because he truly loves the art of magic. I’ve practically stopped watching his serie’s just because of that. I think it’s about time somebody put him in his place and showed him he’s not the best. And now he has competition so he’ll actaully grow up and try to beat Matt’s record. But that’s just my opinion…

  8. Hey Zane,big deal.Are you still in high school?Angel Killer?Give me a break! Criss Angel is an artist in so many ways…and very successful in all of them.He,s probably happy for you that you accomplished something.It sounds to me your just jealous and are just trying to get publicity to get known.Work as hard as Criss and maybe you will.Please stop making a fool of yourself,i’m embarrassed for you.

  9. ‘Angel Killer’

    Are you kidding me? This guy sounds really stuck up, So what if he beat one of Criss Angel’s records, Good for him? He doesn’t need to go bragging about it.

  10. Now Criss Angel fanboys are crying that their beloved hero failed. Matt Zane probably deserves whatever he gets all Criss Angel knows how to do is Xtreme Camera Manipulation.

  11. I agree i would like to see him make an elephant disapere ion the parking lot just cause he dose 1 stunt dose not make him any better then criss!!!

  12. HuntertheStunter on:

    Ok first off who gives a flip! Look at me I can hang in the sky by four hooks for 6 hours! Whoop dee doo……………… But what I really want to see is Criss Angel wearing one of the “Angel Killer” shirts on mindfreak that would be hilarious!

    PS: Somebody give this guy a cookie before he kills another angel.

    Magically Yours,
    Hunter the Stunter

  13. give it up for Matt Zane….way to push the record……lol……yeh levitate over the like to see anyone do that…he beat the record, he deserves credit…six hours is a long time…..GREAT JOB!! and if he did wear the shirt on his show hed prolly just take it off pointlessly in the middle if a gamble routine…that is assuming he could get it off with all that jewlery in the way…..I tell ya what id like to see is Criss Angel of the air.

  14. is it just me, or are you all getting way too in to tearing one or the other down, why not just appreciate the fact that someone can do something and that they feel strongly enough about it to get acknowledged publicly. its honestly not worth getting worked up over. i think that if you are going to try to offend someone, you should at least spell it correctly.

  15. really mature guys. who let the majority of you on ellusionist?

  16. ya give me a bottle of ketamine and I’ll hang too for a day


  17. To all you Criss lovers-
    Criss does enough bragging about his money and all he knows about magic for all of us…so this guy brags about beating his record.. GOOD! Take it from me…I was deleted from his myspace and Blocked because I called him out and challenged him. Criss can make fun of David Blaine, Jim Callahan etc, and make why cant anyone do it to him? Without editing and stooges, and easily fooled TV audiences..Mindfreak wouldnt have lasted one season.

  18. Good on this Zane guy for breaking the record, but seriously, why act like a child about it?

  19. Why come to chris angels defence? This is a man whos master gimmick for most if not all of his tricks are camera, green screen, and paid off spectators, its total bullshit. And i think chris angel deserves to get shown up.

  20. OK I hav five things to say:
    1.Go Matt Zane! Woo!! You rock! OH Yeah!
    2. that bettylouh chick needs to get a freaing grip! Criss Angel’s a pretty boy who needs to stop braggin, lying, and cheating just to get famous. If you are a girl and you were to meet him, he’d problably make out with you even though he has like 3 girlfriends.
    3.that dude who said Matt Zane shoul levitate above the Luxor light is so stupid not to realize that that thing you see that is suposably Criss is actually a dummy and there is a helicopter above it. Just look closer!
    4.for proof that Criss Angel is fake, watch the episode were he levitates above a sprinkler. SO FAKE!
    5. sorry if I hurt anyones feelings, or anything similar but it just makes me so mad people go insane because they think Criss Angel (the faker/pretty boy) is so amazing!

  21. go blaine!!go!!hehe…

  22. hey alex,since your such a sweet guy,why dont you pray for me and make my dream come true.if you have a body like criss,add a little prayer for yourself…you might get too make-out with me too!just kidding sweet pie.

  23. Sam Medany on:

    well, Zane… let’s see you suspended in ‘Suicide position’ from a helicopter 800 feet off the ground… that would be a scene to watch, wouldn’t it? only if you got the balls to do it and you are as brave as you pretend to be, which I doubt is true!

  24. ok so heres something to piss both sides off.

    criss angel- whoppy di fu***** doo u manipulated camera’s yet again to get famous off of things that the actualy camera man and technicans should be gettin famous for ur a fake and its pathitic, but good for u for brain washin people for this long

    matt zane- congrats, i would hug u if u were here, that shit must of been amazin being up there for 6 hours good for you but come on man wats with the angel killer bull crap? thtts my only complaint for u

    and if someone famous sets a world record and some guy can break it idk correct me if im wrong but ive never heard of this zane guy before, and if some random guy beats a celebrities record shouldnt he deserve some fame and glory for a bit its not like criss is gonna suffer to much all he has to do is brag pay people money to make it all seem relistic and make another episode and its all good. those who are on his side are pathetic and those who believe his stuffs real is even worse. then again on the same hand those who say the angel killer shirt is amazing and everyone should get one (u no wat im gettin at) is also pretty sad although it is funny peace

    email me at

  25. So far everything i’ve read on this site is all speculation. The fact remains that both Angel and Zane are good at what they do. No one will ever beleive it’s 100% magic and it may be fake. But it’s all still really amazing. Stunts that less than .00001% of the people on this planet can do. My hat’s off to those skilled people, especially Mr. Angel who, in my opinion, poses skills and has done things that Blaine, Zane, or even a train couldn’t even know where to start. Granted that they are all illusions, but they wow the minds of everybody and thats what hes paid for.

    On another note, Matt Zane needs to put his money where his mouth is or stop claiming to be an “angel killer.” By beating that so called “record” hes brought the score to Matt Zane: 1 Criss Angel: a hell of alot more than 1. With that said Angel has the right to print “Zane Killer, Raper, Destroyer and Mutilator.” Just keep on doing what your doing Mr. Angel.

    On the final note, Zane is still very young and has a brilliant career ahead of him. The biggest flaw with Angel that Zane can correct in himself is the fact that he portraits himself as a sort of Anti-Christ with super human powers. Though no one should believe that. Matt Zane has a chance to shape what kind of image he wants for himself and his career. By bashing his competitors in the way he is, he’s off to a bad start. Good Luck Mr. Zane.