Criss Angel – Homeless Chic

January 16th, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under Criss Angel

Criss Angel at The Cathouse

As we previously wrote, Criss Angel told the LA Times ““I don’t have time to shave. I’ve been really intensely training on my close-up stuff like cards and different effects.” No time to shave, however he does find time to go out clubbing at LAX and as shown in this photo from the other night, at The Cathouse, an erotic & exotic brothel-themed restaurant and ultra-lounge at The Luxor.

You can insert your own jokes if you’d like.

Criss Angel - Homeless Chic


  1. Shaving is a “close-up” skill…
    He should train this trick too…

  2. A small army has spent countless hours and dollars perfecting his “look” and “act”. Do you think he really didn’t have time to shave?

  3. Wow. Now he really is a mind-FREAK. He’s going down the wrong path and might end up like Britney Spears and the other messed up stars. He’ll never shave again or something and party every night. Bye Criss! Hope it was fun while it lasted!

  4. I like Criss and everything but COME ON of course he has time to shave. And like John said in his comment Criss is most likely going to end up like the other messed up stars.

  5. no time to shave?..ya sure!!…his show-some music…his personal blah blah…stooges…couple of kids tricks taught..he’s definitely hittin all the wrong strings..may look flashy now…lay ppl are comin out to more games!!..

  6. “I am MUSTACHIO man!!!”

    Criss, go shave u dork..

  7. Guys! Stop it all those comments are very mean and disrespectful! Criss you’re an awesome magician. By the way, that’s not Criss, that’s a hobo impersonator.

  8. Hi criss this is one of your dear fan. I cant beleave that you didnt shave, you must been really working on things.

  9. ..::Trickmaster::… on:

    Wow…oh wow, not time to shave? Why dont you start shaving during the parties?

  10. Hi criss this tina again, you are to atractive not to shave your self.

  11. It’s not a real beard. It’s a trick. All the people in the photo are stooges…

  12. Trent M. Winston on:

    You folks need to give Chriss a break. I know he’s a big boy and can defend himself, but it only looks like he missed a day or two of shaving. three most. That’s a weekend or if this photo was taken on a Saturday night that means he didn’t shave Thursday and Friday. Then he went to a bar after practicing (his words). You people are making him out to be a liar. Either you like his work and he’s allowed to some down time or you just don’t have anything better to b@tch about. I hope none of you where people that defended Bill Clinton by saying he should have a private life too.

    Criss is amazing, and the chicks dig the George Michael look. By the way, I’m a man who sports the George Michael look a lot.

    ’nuff Said

  13. Yeah, so he doesn’t want to shave. I could care less. His magic is good enough and his schtick while doing it has raised the level. He’s brought the fantasy back into magic. Which by the way,…..makes it all the more fun for us amateurs to wow our friends and associates with magic.
    Guys like him, Blain, Houchin, Garcia, ect, ect, are expanding the bounds of magic performance. Which makes it better for all of us.
    Besides, the girls all love the “bad-boy” look. Which I’m sure is part of his motives. No magic there!
    So if Chris won’t shave, who cares? Let’s just hope he has time to Shower. That’s far more important. Hahaaa.

  14. HA HA HA HA

    sign another 5 million contract with someone to buy youre bread once you buy it

  15. “Leave Criss Angel Alone!!!”LOL

  16. Lol hey guys. I’ve recently become a full time magician and have been working @ss off to get here so I understand Criss not shaving mind u HAHAR it’s just a lil facial har. Although he does look alot cooler clean shaven. Although when I found out about some of his tricks and how he did them I did lose some respect for him as a magician. eg. whe he did the levitation from one building to another building he used a technique called digital composition or something like that. mind u when he isn’t using stooges or video editing that is when the real magic happens. oh..and btw Rock on people!!!

  17. Oh yea….and what was he doing n a palce like that anways 😛

  18. People, its to hide the stretch marks from getting his big deal with MGM

  19. Some one shoul do a Crss Angel version of that Criss Crocker “Brittney Spears” thiny on HAHA that’d be classic

  20. James Gilligan on:

    Honestly, people with facial hair are usually never in sales. When that was my thing, I was always told to shave everything off ‘or the customer will have 2nd doubts’. Something about if they can’t see your lips the bonds of trust are weaker and less likely for landing deals.

    As far as Criss. Well every time I pull out a pack of Bikes someone always mentions Criss or DavidB. And while one magician gives off the appearance of disblief and enchantment. The other looks like a TommyLee knockoff and a total loser dirtbag who women would never approach if they knew what was good for them.

    Either way IMAGE IS NOTHING it can be changed in a day, and lost forever in a week. Look out cause this magic stuff aint so hard….know what i mean.

  21. He finally is showing his age. It is not just the beard. Look at the bags under his eyes.


  22. i wonder how much old Criss has had to drink…

    or maybe thats just the party.

  23. well probably criss wanted 2 get a photo of him like that..who knows??he is still gud looking but u know..being a star is hard..mabye his working on that new movie ‘mandrake the magician’ and trying 2 make up for his magic as well …thats my opinion

  24. Pretty boy! Pretty boy! Criss Angel’s a pretty boy!

  25. ok guys seriously give him a break. if you were him you would want to have fun instead of shave, it releves stress, and call me gay if you want but criss is my hero and the best illusionist in the world.

  26. give him a break seriously being famous isnt as easy as it sounds, he is also my hero and the best illusionist in the world so be cool aight.

  27. He is an illusionist and probably doesnt care if he shaves so why should anybody else???

  28. how many sucessful magicians have you seen with a beard? thats right none. this is the beginning of the end.

  29. how long does it take to shave? he is beginning to look as crappy as his magic.

  30. finally he is becoming the bum he truly is.

  31. Criss is a remarkable talent , and his new show at the Luxlor should be a trip, I just hope between the TV show and books and appearances ( the real kind ) signings and now this new endeavor
    that he does not burn himself out – because some pics of him look empty like no ones home and he said himself the journey was fun but the arrival has been disappointing- is this foreshadowing of what is yet to come. I pray that I do not open the daily paper and find that Criss has become one of the statistics like Keith Ledger – my advise is slow down- you have a whole life time to amaze us- we’ll still be here – will you?

  32. criss IS startin to look 40 like he is. honestly i thought he was in his 20’s. when i saw he was 40 i was like WTF!! but now the beard makes hm look like a hobo.

    SHAVE IT!!

  33. criss?, the hell is wrong wth u, listen i am a big fan of urs, but not of that beard, ur gonna look like ajew in a while!!!!!!!!!!

  34. listen criss,
    the mind, body and soul shit dont work wit that beard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. crazy mindfreak32 on:

    Hey, I didn’t ever want to make fun of criss angel for anything! but this beard thing is too weird for me…but thank god he shaved it. That whole didn’t have time thing had to be an excuse or sumthin, cuz if he has time to sit down and take a crap, he has time to shave off that nasty beard! lol, he must have found time cuz its off THANK GOD!!!

  36. kirkland butcher on:

    ellusionist is bogus for that criss your my idol i love magic im pretty good criss i need your help . criss could could you come talk to me i live at danville,il 102 stroup st or send me a letter please

  37. Doesn’t he have people that shave for him yet?

  38. criss is just a damn fake person tricks r all about sleigh of hands and gimmick so dnt tell me yu dnt hav time toshave cuz of “yu intensives trainings nd shyt”

  39. I think Criss needs to be able to make up his mind, and if people do not like the way he looks. Let them put themselves in his shoes. He is constantly looking for new ways to do his act, and is trying to earn a living by entertaining people from all walks of life. Give him a break everyone. He is not donald trump or Lady GaGa, so let him wear and look the way that criss wants to look. It is his style that he is keeping fresh in front of the people he wants to be with.
    He also might be trying to stay away from the paperazee and all the super crowds that would be asking for so many more autographs than he can do in one day. Who wouldn’t try to look abit raggy now, and then. I can accept him just the way he is.

  40. I am the top leading majesty of magical arts in San Antonio Tx. I have been performing for 4 and half years and already have accomplished so much in such little time. I have changed the way people think about live and real magic with the simplist of ease. The one thing that makes me think about this picture is that if he looks like a homeless person every day people might not even reconize him when they see him. Another is that he does NOT look professional at all. Presentation is everything and if you do not make yourself look like platnium in a performance people will lose interest. Thats basic psychology and how to best hit you spectator with a unforgettable performance. The key to a masterful performance is making sure that all psychological subtleties are taken advantage of during a performance. Also to have GREAT managment and control over your spectators. With this knowledge and wisdom in mind it does not matter if your as good as Criss Angel or David Blaine a simple card effect with all covered into the effect as spoken above will make a performer a ledgend in those few moments of performing. Remember to embrasse yourself within the effect as much as possible dont make it fast. Speak with passion and clear words and alway remember to make eye contact when needing misdirection in always works. Im R 333 R
    (Reven River 333) giving my words of wisdom that has made me the king of San Antonio among the Street Magic and Mentalism miracles based magic. — 333

  41. I bet half of you are just ticked off cause you can’t grow a beard. If he wants to go out looking like a hobo, let him. “No time to shave” I’m sure he was just being snide. Maybe he wants a beard? Who really cares?

  42. It seems like depression to me. Sick of the shallow life a youbng celebrity usually lives, always having to be better before your fans get bored and start talking trash… Celebrities are only popular as long as they have new material, whatever their trade… and he chose the TV route, usually much worse depite the larger audience. Good luck man.

  43. Hey guys enough with the mean comments criss angel is a grown man if he doesn’t want to shave thats fine its part of life hes still Criss Angel.
    Criss Angel is the best, Iam a ellusionst myself.
    And what inspired me to become a Ellusionst/magician was Criss Angel.
    Criss your the best!!

  44. If Criss doesn’t want to shave thats fine but if he wants to shave thats also fine its his choice.

  45. hey guys stop making fun of criss angel he is the best he can do lots of stuff u guys cant do so if u are making fun of him u have to try to do the stuff he does and u have to go through me first.

  46. stop makeing fun of criss angel he is the best and u have to go through me if u are ging to make fun of him

  47. u have to go through me before u make fun of criss angel he can have a beard if he wants

  48. you guys are dicks my name is drew hopper and you guys can just suck a dick because criss looks good just the way he is he can dress or keep the beard and if you are going to make fun of him any more you have to go through me first criss i hope you mention me on your show

  49. this guy is like only camera tricks.. what a disappointment!

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