Criss Angel Found His Inner Beard, But Lost His Record

January 14th, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under Criss Angel

MindFreak Monday

So how was your weekend? The more important question is this; “How was Criss Angel’s weekend?”

While you guys were sitting around watching YouTube parodies of David Blaine, our man Criss was out growing his beard & practicing sleight-of-camera hand.

Criss said this to the LA Times: “I don’t have time to shave. I’ve been really intensely training on my close-up stuff like cards and different effects. The purest form of magic is close-up. There have been things I have really wanted to do for years and have been playing with for three years (on ‘Mindfreak’) but that I never mastered. But now I think I have it under control.”

No time to shave? Wow, that’s some intense practicing going on! I guess Criss isn’t into multi-tasking. He could shave in the shower (unless that’s not happening either) or the next time he gets highlights in his hair.

Where’s Waldo?

Criss seems to be predictable, so for all you MindFreak fan boys who want to meet Criss, he can usually be found at LAX in the Luxor. Here’s a pic from Saturday night with Pure Management Group president Michael Greco, left, and members of the Wicked Pictures adult entertainment empire.

Criss Angel at LAX Luxor

Criss is the one wearing the hat, fresh scruff & bling sitting in the middle.

Friday night Criss found himself without a world record as Matt Zane, lead singer and front man for industrial-metal band Society 1, broke Criss’ suspension record by hanging from 4 hooks for 6 hours.


  1. I don’t see why you guys are always doggin on Criss lately. He is very successful even if he uses camera tricks. I love ellusionist but the way you’ve talkin about Criss makes you seem like jerks.

  2. Criss is getting on my nerves… AGAIN, he stole my idea! I stopped shaving weeks ago. 😛

  3. Personally, I am not a fan of Criss Angel but I do not mind him either. He does too much of unjustified showing off, and I suppose it is noticed by many.
    Therefore I find it really interesting and funny to read what Team Ellusionist posts about Angel.

  4. There are different kinds of magic in this world, different ways of conveying the effect to and audience. Criss chose to use cameras to show off a lot of his magic, but he also does quite a fair amount of live performances. I say that however you can get your name out there and show off your talents, do it. It’s all you got.

    But then, this is just another opinion from your friendly neighborhood Grimesface.

  5. i love criss angel!! he rocks!! all of yall need 2 leave him alone!!! he works his but off!! and yall are just funkin jealous!! get a freakin life!!! i love u criss u rock! and i think the beard is very sexy!!!

  6. criss angel is the best!!!!!!

  7. I think criss is a great illusionist and I have respect for how he made his way. I dont like his show off attitude and I know he doesn’t care. Its just seems like look at me Im god’s gift to everyone. I would however like to meet him. Just to talk to him maybe understand him alittle better. I practie this artform as well and as intensly as I can but I doubt meeting Blain (my hero) is out of question. One thing I do admire about Criss is that he does take time to meet at least breifly with people. So I have my pros and cons but overall he is pretty damn good.

  8. I feel as though he is overrated, and I am generally annoyed because he gets all of the populariaty, while there are better magicians out there.

  9. Sleight of camera Criss is probably too skilled at that for anyone to ever be better although at sleight of hand David Blaine would be 9.8/10

  10. To all who don’t know Criss I can only say…don’t rag on him until you sit down face to face with him. I’ve known Criss for many years and those of you familiar with my work know I don’t bullshit around. I love magic and have respect for every artist that works his butt off to entertain.
    Criss has not only put more time into his magic than most of the bloggers here but he’s sacrificed time with family and friends to push magic to a different level.
    How great is it that we can still make money and still impress people with magic. We magicians/illusionists/etc are still relevant. F**K that’s great. Naysayers would believe that all has been done with magic. It’s great that Criss is still making it interesting and twisting the genre. Lets support ANYONE who keeps magic alive.

    I’m fortunate to currently be involved with Season 4 and I say from my heart that Criss loves magic and it’s not fair that some of you so easily ridicule him. It’s not easy to create so much magic. Criss has put out more hours of magic on TV than any magician alive. That’s a fact. Lets be supportive. If you can’t be then put your cards,coins, etc away and get an office job. Magic is currently very popular because of Criss. Bravo to every magician who keeps the magic ball rolling. Every magician.
    It’s past midnight and I have some moves to practice. I’m serious. I still dig it after all these years and want to continue to be impressed with whatever different/new version of a trick someone thinks of. Power to the peep hole….urghhh People.
    Joe Monti

  11. I have always been a Blaine fan more than Angel. Blaine is the one who revolutionized magic. Then Angel stepped in and is claiming he is better at magic. First off, who cares, you are both artists in the craft. Don’t you think that he would concentrate on his magic instead of trying to make Blaine seem worthless. They each do their own thing. Just let it be Criss. So as far as I see it, I would rather see David Blaine episodes on TV all the time then see Criss’ sleight of camera. Atleast with Blaine I know that they are real people that he is performing for. I hate how Angel shows off. Blaine just does a trick, laughs with the people and leaves. Angel tries to kiss everyone, then tries to make everybody cheer for him and make him feel like a hot shot. I can tell you right now I would rather meat Wayne Houchin, Brad Christian, Justin Miller, Daniel Garcia, any day before meeting Criss Angel. He’s spoiled with his money and it shows in his TV show.

  12. I guess I can see the point of those ppl that are saying that anyone that keeps magic alive is good, and I’m all for it. The only thing I have to say is David, with his great skill in sleight of hand, has more skill in magic then Criss who revolves around a camera. In the end I believe that more credit should go to David becasue what you see on the TV is what he’s doing out there for the ppl (95% of the time) where as Criss isn’t. his effects are more “stunning” but its getting to his head and getting kind of annoying.

  13. Criss Angel – Homeless Chic : The Ellusionist Blog on:

    […] As we previously wrote, Criss Angel told the LA Times ““I don’t have time to shave. I’ve been really intensely training on my close-up stuff like cards and different effects.” No time to shave, however he does find time to go out clubbing at LAX and as shown in this photo from the other night, at The Cathouse, an erotic & exotic brothel-themed restaurant and ultra-lounge at The Luxor. […]

  14. Hey i have no idea why peaple are alwas so mean when it comes to Criss Angel. What i am saying is that he never did anything to you infact he puts him out there entertaining for you peaple eavryday and just cause he can creat mass ellusions better then Brad Christan or David Blain eaver could you should not be harping on him!!!

  15. First off, spell Christian right, and Blaine right, second the only reason that he can put the mass illusions on is because he has enough money to buy Las Vegas. If Brad had that kinda money, you would see him showing off his money to everyone too. Oh wait no you won’t because he isnt interested in that dumb crap, he is interested in magic.

  16. phillyluvsangel on:

    Criss is a amazing person inside and out. He is not a show off. I have met him at several signings and at the at the Las Vegas airport. He is a kind human being who gives his time to everyone when meeting him. He is thankful for all his fans for being so loyal to him. I am one of them. Until you have met Criss, you have no right to say he doesnt care about things. I am not a kid im a 45 year old woman, so this is coming from a adults point of view.

  17. Why do you guys continue to disrespect Criss’s hard work? Cant you guys just learn that he is a good illusionist and be done with it? Some of the best magicians of all time are friends with him, come on people. Sheesh. Another thing… what are you producers thinking? Mindfreak is supposed to be about Magic and Illusion, all you guys did was turn it into a show where Chriss has to look “Manly” for lack of better words. Chriss i garuntee you would rather have his hair off his face and his old hairstyles back. Chriss is the one that makes Mindfreak, well Mindfreak. I say that you should let him to what he wants with his look… So many loyals are dissapointed that you guys forced him to grow that thing. You guys would gain so much more money if you just let him do what he wanted with the show… fans want to see chriss angel as they have seen him in the past. Please let chriss do what he wants with Himself. Thanks!

  18. why do people say olny boys are his fans? ive been his fan since 2005, im a noys who are his fans, i hate you becuz you sya only boys are his fans

  19. Ahhh.
    So im watching the new season of criss angel right now…
    and out he pops looking like a caveman!!
    ahh jesuss.
    im quite upset.
    he looked so much younger with it shaved.

  20. I hate it when people say “Why do you like Criss Angel? Everything he does is fake.” OF COURSE IT’S FAKE! Pretty much everything he does is impossible. The point is he’s an illusionist (key word ILLUSION) he makes it look real and that’s what entertains people.

  21. ilov you ciss

  22. fuck you people criss angel has the right to do whatever he wants jerk ill never buy anything from you