Copperfield Pulls Lawsuit Out Of His Hat

February 15th, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under General

David Copperfield lawsuitSeveral months ago David Copperfield found himself in a lawsuit with two overseas promoters who sued him for canceling 48 scheduled performances.

Part of the official Copperfield statement said:

“David Copperfield canceled his overseas tour because promoters did not honor their contractual commitments, including failing to make a contractual payment of more than $1 million and canceling a segment of the tour without Mr. Copperfield’s consent. The cancellations had nothing to do with the investigation into allegations by an unidentified woman.”

David Copperfield is firing back at two companies that sued him over a canceled tour in Southeast Asia and the Persian Gulf — by filing a lawsuit of his own!

According to – Copperfield says that Viva Art International Ltd. and Maz Concerts Inc. owe him $4 million under an “artist’s guaranteed fee,” in which he was to be paid $2.8 million for the Southeast Asia portion of the tour and the rest for performances in the Persian Gulf.

Copperfield’s lawyer exercised an option in his contract to cancel the tours because the magician wasn’t paid on time, saying the two companies were late in paying Dave $500,000, and the attorney feared a repeat of “the fiasco in which Mr. Copperfield and his staff were stranded on tour with no assurance of payment.”


  1. im going to go see him on the 22nd…. im so excited

  2. rocco giovacchini on:

    copperfeild is the man im just pissed at him for not doing the above trick anymore that illusion is truely a thing of bueaty!

  3. So did that girls accusation turn out to be bogus?

  4. im goin to see him tonite!!!!!! cant waittt!!!!

  5. Dear david…….. If minds were water it wil be raining by now.anyway watched ur stuff on tv.not 2 shocked but i went WOW!!?

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  7. when will i receive my money

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