Congrats to 2008 holiday promotion winners; get ready for a mind-blowing 2009!

December 29th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

The winners in our holiday giveaway have been drawn. Congratulations to everyone who won!

And that closes out a hectic, crazy 2008. From all of us at Ellusionist, we thank you all for your support, participation and business throughout the year, especially through server crashes on release dates. Even with those problems, 2008 was a great year! The hardest part about it, however, was containing our anticipation for 2009. There is SO MUCH cool stuff coming out — I wish I could tell you all about it. You already know about Justin Miller working on an M5 video, you already know about Ringtone from Frozen creator Adam Grace and Serial Biller from Tagged creator Rich Ferguson. And I am absolutely stoked about other projects coming down the pike.

Anyway, from all of us at Ellusionist, we hope you have an incredible new year where you reach all your goals and blow more minds than ever before! Now, onto the holiday winners:

The following people won the following prizes:

1) Red Ellusionist bag with all Brad’s DVD’s and 1 each of decks. (3 winners)
WINNERS – Ryan Hakenson, Thomas Seabury, Daniel Nicholson

2) 1 session of personalized training with Brad Christian (1 winner)
WINNER – Jason Harms

3) 100 Ellusionist produced decks of choice (1 winner)
WINNER – Gary Whatley

4) Be on the E team for a day – (1 winner)
WINNER – Alan Shen

5) 1x Any DVD artwork turned into a full size poster
WINNER – Da Costa Bruno

6) 3x $250 Gift Certificates (3 winners)
WINNERS – Darla Wolowitz, Ian Allen, Carol Olsen

7) 5x Black Ghost 1st Edition Sheets ( 5 winners)
WINNERS – Eric Caron, Jeff Stanley, Marcus Gray Jr., Shaun Limbocker, Gary Cohen

8) 5x Ellusionist street caps signed by all Celebracadabra celebrities
WINNERS – Scott Silagyi, Julie Pierce, Michael Principato, Mike Mosely, Mercedes Lopez

9) 5x Gaff sheets ( Tiger, Red, Blue, Ghost, Ugaff) (5 winners)
Ghost Gaff Uncut Sheet v2 WINNER – William Houch
Tiger Gaff uncut Sheet v3 WINNER – Patricia Tokarczyk
Blue Gaff uncut Sheet WINNER – Shuichi Fukayama
Red Gaff uncut Sheet v2 WINNER – Richard Kajander
Ultra Gaff uncut sheet WINNER – Mireille Massoud

10) 1 Black Ghost Deck 1st Edition signed by Brad Christian (10 winners)
WINNERS – Mike Friese, Max Dempster, Vince P Tumbiolo, Jack Noren, Karen Panish, Nicholas Nikitin-Arranaga, Andreas Shialaros, Colleen Howe, Peter Clarke, Robert Kilgallon


  1. New blog post: Congrats to 2008 holiday promotion winners; get reading for a mind-blowing 2009!

  2. Max Dempster on:

    I’m absolutely ecstatic to be recieving these. At first I thought there was an order error. Now I’m just giddy like a school girl. Thanks guys!
    -Max Dempster