Company shines new light on pen spinning

February 17th, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Attention pen spinners: Fletcher Nelson of Fletch Creations is your new best friend.

Check out his creation: These LED inserts for your favorite spinnin’ pen light up in different patterns based on how fast you go. Nailing combos triggers different light patterns, and the lights dim as you slow down. Based on his ComboSense technology, these lightweight circuit boards react to physical movement.

“If the pen is dropped, the color fades back to the original color and then disappears,” Nelson said in an e-mail. “Similar to the Nintendo Wii, the ComboSense insert detects movements which changes the color, not a timer.

Fletch is one of the more respected flourishers in the XCM community. We always liked him for this review of our decks of playing cards. A change in employment led him to devote his time and energy into these unique inserts that will give a lot of flash to your fingerwork.

Watch his engineering expertise in action:

If pen spinning lights a fire for you, learn the basics and more in XB2.


  1. Just the same thing from PenMaWashi, although this would be better cause Penmawashi sucks.

  2. Thank you for the blog Joe. I’m working on some card inventions too!

  3. Hmm this looks really nice actually. I’ve been spinning for over 2 years now and this kind of thing is really new to the PS communtiy, None of us really have enough expertise in this kind of thing to make something of this caliber, Thanks very much 😀

    now if only i had the money to test it ><

  4. toi rat thix put coa den