First Peek – Danny Garcia BentTouchSlink

July 15th, 2008 | Jason Brumbalow | Filed Under General, Products

BentTouchSlink is the brand new DVD coming from Ellusionist, set for September 30th.

Bent Touch Slink: 1 Disc, 3 Tricks, 1 Daniel Garcia – What more could you want?

Filmed by Ellusionist at our studios in Sausalito, California; DG goes into every little detail you could want or need.

More details to follow… Watch this space…


  1. cant wait till it comes out

  2. I’m excited.

  3. I can only imagine what its going to be

  4. Holy crap I can’t wait!

  5. i want to see a trailer

  6. I think its been to long for this not to have an update

  7. this needs an update realy badly

  8. daniel garcia is awesome cant wait much longer or i will loose my mind

  9. stop was daniels best effect ever

  10. dude or not sayin you are an idiot first of all wayne houchin does not even work for ellusionist anymore he works for theory11 and second daniel garcia is 5 times better then wayne houchin.

    wayne houchin is nice guy though .

  11. daniel has not had a dvd for along time for ellusionist its smart move on e for him to finaly have one already

  12. Thursday July 31st UPDATE!!!!!!!!! « Cardex 2 on:

    […] -Ellusionist has a new Daniel Garcia Product coming out soon, im not 100% sure what it is. One may be a coin bend of some sort but im not positive. Read a small ammount of details at the official Ellusionist Post HERE […]

  13. i dont get it sleeping queen was annouced 1day before release but bentTouchslink has been awaited for 1mounth without update

  14. Well I think that (bent) is fork bending. (touch) , I think is a somthing like electric touch.( link) is linking two finger rings:)

  15. well Dustin bent is a coin bend but thoughs are realy nice guesses though.

    note.sorry for errors if any

  16. im going to make a prediction (Bent) is for sure a coin bend. (Touch) is a pulse stoping effect. (slink) is a linking finger ring routine.

    thanks, mark is not my real name

  17. im hoping touch is a cool variation of the invisible touch

  18. damm when is this gonna release

  19. i hope its not all coin effects and that its gonna release this mounth

  20. i just went ahead and bought sleeping queen by dan hauss.
    whos with me. no disrespect to dg he`s the man but this is not going to be released for a while . im just going to buy this next mounth for my birthday.

  21. The reason DG’s DVD isn’t up is prob because of his injury. If not then Ellusionist wants to keep the hype up. Whatever, hope it comes out soon.

  22. dude a dvd is shot many mounths before release.way before injurey

  23. Daniel Garcia on:

    These effect were actually shot 2 YEARS ago… and are just now being released.

    as far as the “3 pieces of classic garcia” line…. there is only 2 pieces that i have been doing for years and that i still LOVE performing , BENT and SLINK(which should have been changed to CrossLink) The other effect “Touch” was created when i went out there to film… Brad asked me if i could do an effect, so i showed him how i would do it… he then really wanted to shoot it, so i did … but it is in NO WAY “Classic Garcia” and to be completely honest with you, I have not performed TOUCH since we shot it 2 years ago… just not my style, and i kinda feel silly that i got persuaded into filming it.

    As far as Bent and Slink (CrossLink) – i perform them ALL THE TIME and have been for the past 3-4 years… i hope you guys enjoy them


  24. Well i meant you werent injured while shooting.
    Even though I bought sleeping queen ill buy this next mounth for my birthday. DG please tell us what the effects are. thanks.

  25. by the way i was kinda thinkin you shot that a long time ago cause you have the famous “hat’

  26. What are the three effects? I want a demo!

  27. I bought the latest ellusionist dvd sleeping queen its going to arrive today in the mail and im sure it has future releases. if there is any info about bentTouchslink i will be sure to iform u guys.

  28. well thank you man

  29. I just heard that this might not be released because of a problem with Daniel Garica. THIS IS A RUMOR, AND MIGHT NOT BE TRUE.