Columnist mourns inability to land interview with Mindfreak

February 4th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Criss Angel

Those of you looking for an interview with Criss Angel about “Believe” can cross the Los Angeles Times’ Richard Abowitz off your Google Alerts. The columnist who compared “Believe” to “Showgirls,” filed a column about how he can’t get an interview with Angel. From his report:

I finally was able to pry a definitive answer from Angel’s publicist, who said he must first talk it over with Criss. As I suspected, it appears the policy about no exclusive interviews proved a smokescreen for Angel’s sensitive response to what I’ve written about him. According to his publicist: “As far as Criss is concerned, the Q&A won’t happen for a myriad of reasons. Mainly because I’m not happy with the shots you’ve taken at him in the past. Whatever assurance you can give against that happening in this story isn’t enough to forget what has already happened.”

The “what has already happened” likely includes the previously mentioned Showgirls comparison, a mockery of girlfriend Holly Madison’s review of the show and the quick discount of ticket prices.

I’m not saying that Abowitz doesn’t make any good points. Angel shouldn’t be denying ANYONE interviews, because the media give him a chance to speak to fans directly about tough issues. Interviews aren’t gifts from a celebrity to a journalist; they are mutually beneficial conversations that help both sides inform readers. But if I try to land an interview with the Mindfreak, and am told “no” because of my past writing — I’m just not sure that’s worth so many words. All I’m sayin’.


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