Cheat your way to Victory: Win the Red Artifice Collection

September 10th, 2011 | Jake Steele | Filed Under General

The Artifice Deck. Cards carrying the legacy of gambling like no other deck before. 48 hours of blood, sweat and caffeine is what it took to create the original Red Artifice trailer. Ellusionist resident film guru Pete McKinnon takes you behind the scenes of the trailer. Make sure you hang around for the whole video – he just might make you an offer you can’t refuse.

That’s right. Grab your camera, your Ellusionist decks, and prepare your most devious gambling routines, because Pete managed to sneak away some groovy things from the shoot and we’re offering them up to the one person who impresses us the most. So… What’s on the line?

  • • The Red Artifice deck used in the trailer, signed by the production team
  • • An original Red Artifice Trailer Script signed by the crew, framed and mounted
  • • Six (6) sealed Decks of Red Artifice Playing Cards

Some tips to get you started.

Where do we enter?

On our Facebook page you’ll find a tab aptly named ‘Red Artifice Contest‘. There is an entry form on there for you to fill in your details, including providing a link to your YouTube clip. All entries will be viewable on the ‘Videos’ tab after the deadline. You have from now, until 23:59 EDT on September 22nd, 2011.

What we’ll be looking for;

  • Your Execution of Gambling Sleights/Moves/Routines
  • Your Use of Framing, Lighting, Blocking and Editing
  • Your Flair for the Creative.

We do not want to see videos of people sitting in front of their computer, performing to a webcam, just doing sleight after sleight. It may be technically brilliant – but it’s a Zero for creativity.

We do not want to see videos where last Thursday’s laundry is clearly visible crawling its way out your bedroom door. Take your surroundings into consideration when filming – and film somewhere, and in a manner you think suits the Red Artifice.

If you’re using music – please make sure you have the rights to do so, and that revenue sharing is turned off on YouTube. We do not want to be forced to listen to Limp Bizkit, especially if it means the added insult of a pop-up ad. If you or a friend can make your own musical score – you’ll get brownie points for sure. We’re not expecting John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra. Danny Elfman on a Casio Keyboard will do.

Please upload your video to YouTube as an unlisted video, and provide the link on the entry form. If you wish, you can make the video public once the contest deadline has passed (after 09/22/11 EDT).

One last note – when Pete says that you’ll get all the cool stuff you see there, it doesn’t include the couch he’s sitting on. Or the paintings on the wall behind him. Or his shirt. Marcus has already called ‘dibs’ on the shirt.


  1. I love the Red Artifice cards as well as the original and enjoy doing buisness with Ellusionist. But I got to be honest, although I realize that they are a limited edition, it really sucks that as soon as they were available they were almost instantly gone. Now in order to get a deck you either have to get the free gift which will cost you well over 300 dollars or try and win a contest in which the winner will get a good hand full and more than likely just put them on Ebay like the rest of the jerks out there that bought them up just to make a quick buck. I would have been the first to buy a few decks and actually use them maybe keep one or two sealed for collecting, however I was in the ER with my son who was very ill. Now I just see these thing all over ebay and the like. How wbout this Ellusionist how about instead of just giving them out on a first come first serve basis just for poeple to turn around and make more money than you would off of them try giving them out to people who have been loyal costumers to you, people who have done alot of buisness with you and have sunk alot of money into your company. Go ahead look through and see who has actually invested in you and who just baught a few decks here and there……reward the real costumers.

  2. Hi Ed,
    Thanks for the comment. It was unfortunate how the release of the Red Artifice panned out, and we have certainly marked that up to learning, to prevent similar problems in future.
    The Red Artifice deck was never meant as a deck to be sold – it was always to be given away as prizes and in promotions – just like the Black Ghost First Edition and Gold Arcane before it. Due to Public Demand however, we decided to release 3,000 of them for sale. What people do after they’ve bought them is up to them – and yes, it saddens us to see so many up on eBay. With those 3,000 gone, we are doing as originally intended with the remaining stock. Giving them away as prizes to contests such as this, and as gifts with purchase. As you say – rewarding the real customers. We do have some more plans for the remaining stock, so there will still be plenty of opportunities for you to get your hands on some, but they will always be as a promotional item, and not released as before.

  3. IT is laughable to hear you say ” and yes, it saddens us to see so many on ebay”, Ellusionist has never been shy or seemed sad about mentioning “oh, these black ghost first editions are always on ebay for 300.00″ or “get these now before they skyrocket in value”. The fact that they have been sold on ebay for such large amounts of money is what makes them desirable. Ellusionist was well aware what they were doing in selling 3,000 of them under the conditions they did. You all knew they would end up on ebay, and then you could swindle kids into buying your stuff, so they can have “one of those decks everyone wants” which, honestly are no different in handling than the other artifice decks. They all handle the same, and all seem to draw a bit of suspicion the same. And by the way, no serious card player with half a brain would allow a deck into play with “ARTIFICE” written across the box. But, your target market looks past this because ellusionist says “they are super cool”.

  4. I’m currently working in the recording of my clip for the contest, but I am from Spain, and it is quite difficult to find people who are willing to participate and speak english. Can we film it in Spanish and send it with subtitles?