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January 18th, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under General

VH1 has given a big green light to a new TV series, “Celebracadabra”.

Stay tuned to the HOME PAGE of this blog for videos and shocking footage that not even VH1 has. We filmed the celebrities on their own terms doing and saying things you won’t believe…. you FOUND the underground Celebracadabra page. Own it by simply bookmarking it NOW.

Comedians, pop stars, and film actors learn amazing magic from top pros, then perform and shock others in various venues. From street magic, to a children’s birthday parties, to a Vegas stage with showgirls – these celebs now know what “practice” means.

Below, Pussycat Doll Kim Wyatt on location for Celebracadabra wearing an Ellusionist Beanie:

Kim Wyatt Celebracadabra

Seven TV, music and film stars study, learn and practice hard so they can battle for the title of “Best Celebrity Magician” and a $100K grand prize when they gather at the famous Magic Castle (the world’s most famous club for magicians) and other venues in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and attempt to learn and perform magic tricks and illusions normally left to the professionals.

Celebracadabra celebrities are C. Thomas Howell, comedian ANT, Hal Sparks, Chris Reid (Kid from Kid n’ Play), Lisa Ann Walter, Carnie Wilson, Kim Wyatt from The Pussycat Dolls.

Ellusionist sponsors the Series and will provide downloadable magic tricks for people to learn, tie-ins with the VH1 web site, contests, and additional rare pictures, info and footage shot by Ellusionist while on the Celebracadabra set. STAY TUNED TO THIS BLOG, BOOKMARK IT NOW —– NO KIDDING.

Guided by veteran magicians, the competitors face tough crowds and a master panel of judges (including Max Maven, Jeff McBride and Jonathan Levit who also plays host) who determine which celebrities get to advance to the next round and a shot at a $100,000 grand prize provided by the Ellusionist.com Street Magic Training Center.

Executive producers are Michael Hirschorn, Shelly Tatro, Karla Hidalgo and Chris Martin.

Currently, the Series is slated to debut on Sunday April 20 and run 9 weeks. Sunday is VH1’s biggest night of the week… Celebracadabra will be hot, filled with drama, magic, comedy and pretty faces. Check it.

Hal Sparks & C. Thomas Howell on location with Ellusionist:

Hal Sparks & C. Thomas Howell Celebracada


  1. Sounds great. 😀
    You know what I reckon would be a good Idea for a show?
    One where an average Joe Magician without alot of experience or know how in magic (but enoug drive to go through with it) gets selected and taught the trade secretly by profesionals in: stage magic, street magic and mentalism. The he or she gets unleashed on the world as a master magician. But here the catch would be this: They are given a place to stay (nothing fancy), enough food to eat for about 1 week and just one deck of cards (maybe a deck of Shadow Masters…you could even base the shadow masters video on that to furter launch it as a best selling deck). They’d start from the very bottom a busker having to earn enough money to and skill to get aditional props and advance in magic. It could be called “The Aprentice” , “The Magician’s Aprentice” or something.

  2. It sounds cool and all but do celebrities really need 100 grand. They make enough as it is.

  3. There better not be any reveals…

    Anyways I cant wait!

  4. Why should celebrities make another $100,000? This would be better if it were normal people. You see celebrities enough and they are already famous for some reason

  5. Dave Wiltrout on:

    Having Max Maven and Jeff McBride are much better decisions than on Phenomenon. Just hearing those guys are going to be judges are the deciding factor on if I watch the show or not. I can’t stand Criss Angel…


  6. The reason they use celebrities is because more people would watch as opposed to just your average joe performing.

  7. I dont know if i like the fact that your turning magic into a reality tv show. It seems to me that its more just publicity for your site, but not for magicians. Now if you brought in magicians from all over the US to teach, like big restraunt magicians from portland, seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Miami and New York and you had them teach, that way they could get publicity for themselves. That would be ok to me, but right now you are going to be selling the secrets to tricks, that many people on this site use daily in their performances, to people who just want to learn a secret but may not be serious about getting into the art. I just dont think, how you described it atleast, what you are doing is right

  8. I agree with what Bill said. This just doesn’t feel right. It feels like E is just trying to find a way to sell magic to as many laymen willing to lay down their credit card number as possible. That seems a bit irresponsible to me. The prize is kind of stupid too. What blue collar person sitting at home is going to feel compelled to cheer on a filthy rich celebrity in hopes that they become even richer? Seems that $100,000 prize should go to the celebrity’s choice charity, like they did on Fear Factor, rather than the celebrity themselves. Not a lot of drama to whether or not a celebrity wins or fails at the contest–it’s not going to make or break their lifestyle either way. This whole show just seems like a bad idea, on multiple levels.

  9. The Wand Online » New VH1 Series Sponsored by Ellusionist on:

    […] For more information, click here. […]

  10. LightningandIce on:

    Cool! Looks like it’s going to be everything Phenomenon SHOULD have been! Aweseom!

  11. I’m scared that this will either have some revels or kids will watch this and think they know how to do it and heckle the crap out of you. Cause really I don’t see how they are going to produce a interesting show without seeing them practice and the emotions that go with it.

    ALSO the fact that Ellusionist is going to have it’s name out there scares me that people are going to start massing to the website and forums and there is going to be WAY too much leakage of information.

  12. Maybe it’s just me, but most of the comment begging for an average Joe magician contest seem to have a “Pick me!” subtext. We’re entertainers. Shouldn’t we understand the business of this a little better?

    Anyway, I look forward to hearing more about this. The more flack and flame Ellusionist gets for taking part in this show, the more likely it is they’re on to something.

  13. I think this show is going to be garbage. It totally will expose the majority of secrets that magicians fight to keep revealed. I hate the fact that celebrities will be involved. And Ellusionist will lose a lot of dedicated magicians over the long run once everyone and their mother are on the site buying tricks. Im so angry about this that I have to stop typing

  14. This is a very bad idea. Man right now magic is soooooo different then what is used to be. Keeping magic up at this rate will just expose more magic and magic will no longer be a unique art form. It is already popular right now with Criss Angel mindfreak and stuff, and people can just go up on youtube and look up tricks and see how they work. This is just going to draw more laymen to this site, and will kill magic as an art form because everything will be exposed. After a while magic will just be any average art like singing and dancing, i always loved being able to blow minds with doing the impossible. If people really loved magic as much as we magicians do, they would not need a tv show with some big celebrities to pull them in. Man ellusionist i thought you were different and cared about keeping magic unique.

  15. how will the show have a connection without watching the celebs practice and show how the tricks are done.They already have money why are you giving them more just to do something we pay to do . This might just make or break the site.how do you know they won’t go to clubs and show how the tricks are done.Just to get another pretty face.The show is just like the Hindenburg crashed and burned.That is just what i think.Thats my opinion.

  16. corny and horrible idea, wont help magic at all, it will only help E make money.

  17. I dont think it should be with celeberties, who cares about how much bigger it could be with them. look at shows like american idon, america’s got tallent, and all the crappy VH1 shows they have already like i love new york 1 and 2 a normal person that got notices at one point and became “famous”. All those shows did fine. America likes to see normal people do amazing things and become famous, so i do think it should be about the average joe. Give the money to the best amature magician and maybe an invitation to join the magic castle and the AMA, cause if you really love doing magic/illusions then that would in be almost better then money, you would have a chance to learn first hand from the pros and maybe become famous yourself. I think it will make Magic a “Fad” like pogs and those dumb electronic pets. anyway, its a bad idea using celebs that already get what they want, they already made it. who cares!

  18. I think that the whole thng is stupid, i mean yeah, it might be cool to see the some magic, but they definetly dont need the money. Obviously this is just a publicity thing, but what I am going to hate the most is that i can’t go out once the show airs and E is showing up everywhere and do somthing like, hovercard, or with my gohst deck, because people are going to ask me if thats from E, and when I say no, they will know that i got it here. There won’t be a secret anymore, and I am going to have to find a new store somwhere else. :(

  19. i agree with all of you it would be better if it was a normal guy and not a cleb but i remeber reading something on this post about ppl watch more celebs well over here in the uk would rather watch someone other than a celeb but also it would be funny as hell to watch some cleb messing up a simple trick that we could do with are eyes closed lol

  20. the celebrities don’t need the money. although it might be interesting to watch, there should be another insenitive that would appeal to them. also, it might be better if it were to be aired on MTV. but the fact that mavens involved has totally peaked my interests.

  21. I agree with previous comments that this show sounds bad on so many levels. It is clearly a blatant attempt by Ellusionist to sell more products. I am definitely in favor of Ellusionist earning a living, but this is over the top. There is going to be a LOT of exposure from this show. Ellusionist wil benefit, but the performing magic professionals will probably be hurt from this show. Since it is on VH1it will probably be repeated over and over through the next few years. Ugh.

    I can almost imagine how my future audience’s expectations will be tainted by this show. Magic that used to “wow” them could very likely bore them. I will have to watch the show just so I know how to adjust my routines. Even if they don’t have any exposure, imagine the number of people that will flock to the E site. Each one of them will read about how to control a card, how to use loops, invisible decks, etc. Sigh.

    Magic is no good if everyone knows how to do it.

    Ellusionist has just lost one long time customer – me. I will be telling my friends about this too.

  22. Matthew Gordon on:

    I think that this is a good idea although, agreeing with some people it wouldn’t be interesting without watching them practice but then watching the practices will reveal certain tricks that should remain a secret. So if maybe you could get the shots of them practicing everyday and common knowledge tricks then maybe what people can find out won’t be too much info.

  23. Think about it this way…I doubt Jeff Mcbride, Max Maven and the countless other masters of the art involved in this show would associate themselves with a show that soils the art of magic. Seriously guys, who wants to be the next Masked Magician? Not respectable magicians! And you really think Ellusionist wants to lose all of their loyal customers? I think not! Listen…they’re not only our secrets, they’re their secrets too….for all of us to protect. I don’t think they want to compromise their day jobs. The person who wrote the press release probably didn’t have our concerns in mind when they were writing something to be released to the general public…..We aren’t the general public and we can’t expect them to ease our minds before we have a chance to express concern. C’mon guys, I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

  24. If were gonna have a tv show where they are gonna be filming rehersals, how are they going to keep the tricks a secret. We need to preserve the art as a mystery, not something that is fun that everyone knows how to do. Why are we giving celbrities more money to fuck with our art and reveal our tricks. Yes it would be nice to to see an average Joe Magic show but same problem keeping the art a secret this is disgraceful in many ways!!!!

  25. I agree with most of you guys out there, and I feel so lucky to be from australia where it will not be aired! (and hopefully not on foxtel either!) It is wrong on so many levels. and why can’t they have like an Australian Idol type show where your average joe, performs an audition or sends in a tape to be judged by a panel of judges. and you guys know the rest the winner gets some prize money (maybe even a car), another prize would be a major name for themselves in the magic community. And the tapes of rehersals could just be of them performing part of their trick in a backroom I am sure this Idea could work.
    If you need any help or want to ask something, or just have a chat pm me in the illusionist forums “illusionist291″

  26. I have to agree. I am an amateur magician myself and just imagining the consequences of this show makes me upset. I think that E must be doing something about the practice sessions though…Why destroy such an art by revealing it on TV? Like Mat Noah said…It is their art too. Admittedly I am disappointed though…I will be watching the show, hopefully it turns out well.

  27. Iam definetly going to watch every episode for sure. cant wait

  28. Ok, I do have to say that the grand prize….super awesome for a non-celebrity, not so awesome for an established celebrity. BUT it does have an interesting plus. Depending on how the celebrities are selected, especially if it’s more of a volunteer thing, money sure isn’t the motivating factor. So why would a celebrity take the time to go through with this? Theoretically they could just buy the secrets if that was the case. Maybe, publicity? But there are other ways that are less time consuming. I think it’s a great idea. I mean how awesome/funny would it be if Sylvester Stallone showed up and said “It’s always intrigued me, and I just wanted to give it a shot.” or something like that? I’m stoked! It’s going to be a blast seeing how this turns out. Just give it a chance. You never know it might be the best show on the air. It’s sure going to beat all of the other reality shows. Everyone needs to support it. It’s for our community. I remember being 11 years old always checking the newspapers and TV guides for ANY kind of magic related show and really had to wait every year to see The World’s Greatest Magic. Here it is! Support it!

  29. I wish I had cable. I think it is a good idea. I am sure that E isn’t going to out our tricks. (with crossed fingers) And I would definately find it interesting if Sly, was like trying to learn some complex move, though I doubt that would happen. However I will say that I think more would be revealed if it were actual amatur magicians. Because they might flash on more difficult routines giving them away. If done tastefully, I think it could work, and maybe even keep the public’s interest in magic to further the art. Just my perspective on it.

  30. just let me say one thing. E is a bussiness they gotta moke that money they say they dont want exposure okay then people would buy stuff. i understand that and i dont want someone knowing my moves but i give them props for having the balls to do this and do you really think that they will expose anything that hasnt been already i mean to the masses. when exposure happens it causes us as the magician to step up the game and that is fine by me. i alway look for something new to blow minds. you shouldnt hate on E for doing what they do- run a bussiness good luck to them and i will still buy here so i hope that this show is better than some out there. and if it gets one kid into the art than that is fine by me

    good luck everyone
    and bring your A game

  31. A magician never reveals his secret,

    illusion is not made from people knowing the trick,
    illusion and secrets are two of a magicians best allies,
    revealing either can break them

  32. its quite easy to show them practicing without exposing the tricks. I’m a videographer myself. I agree that the celebs have no need for this exposure, and this is very obviously an attempt to reel in our audience, the average joe. As magicians themselves, they know we have. No intrest in seeing celebs in this show, which makes it obvious that they are targeting a very Specific demographic. If things go down like that, then penguinmagic, here i come.

  33. I agree, this is a very bad idea. I don’t like the fact that leyman screw tricks up on youtube, with their unpracticed routines and bad technique. Now were going to commericalize magic? Shows like T.H.E.M, Room 110, Mind Freak, and David Blaine Specials, showcase skill not teach. And by giving the average joe shmoe a link to one of our favorite found secrets, I think I may never buy anything ever again from Ellusionist. The community drives forward with ideas being shared in the forums and amongst friends, with this new commercialization there will be more people exposing the secrets rather than keep the magicians code. And thats just sad. I’ve been doing magic casually for 10 years, i’ve kept my secrets to myself shared a few utilities with some friends, but never have I revealed my biggest tricks to leyman.. Would the average joe do the same?

  34. You’re all crazy. The show’s going to be great. How could anything w/ a crazy name like that fail? (Though I admit that pronouncing it has been a challenge.)

    I’m just waiting for them to run commercials saying that “tonight’s episode will be Celebracadabra-licious!” or “it’s the Celebracadabra-iest!”. That’ll be awesome.

  35. i agree with all of the people that oppose.more egocentric celebs?…ug!!!!!!i’m so sick of looking at their faces.i cant even go to the check out line with out having to see their shallow souls staring at me from magazines.i’m a lay person and i dont want to know how a trick is done.it takes “the magic”out of it all.i’m serious about this,what good is it to know how a trick is done?i for one will not watch the show for that last reason alone.

  36. I think this is dumb, Celebrities already have enough fame and attention they don’t need more. It also ruins the morale and values of magic and even the history. It;s not even about an art anymore but just pure entertainment now. We use to be the few that had a special talent, but EVERYONE can do it.

  37. Team Ellusionist on:

    ITUANS said:
    It;s not even about an art anymore but just pure entertainment now.

    Yeah, who wants to be entertained with magic? (I reply sarcastically)

  38. To be honest seeing celebrities bungle magic will be interesting. It will show that talent in one area, say comedy, doesn’t translate into talent in the magic scene. As far as the prize, there has to be something to motivate them. Having it go to a charity might not be a bad idea and the winner might do it anyway. I doubt there’s just going to be endless reveals as well as E wouldn’t want to give away tricks they could sell. And as far as the worries that everyone who watches will suddenly think they can do magic, remember, people are notoriously lazy. Magic is a skill that comes with practice and dedication, something most folks won’t want to put into it. I would wager there will be a few people who watch who will have all that and might find E helps get them started in the right direction and they won’t just stop with E as their only learning resource. Likely as not there will be a couple of reveals to get people turned onto magic and E will get a boost in sales. Admittedly they deserve it if they sponsor the show, TV ain’t cheap. And maybe it will be like the naysayers and it will kill magic and by 2010 it will have become a forgotten art. Then again most laymen in the 60’s thought magic was a dead horse.

  39. I believe that people(magic dealers) are losing site of what magic is. Yeah ok, having magic on TV helps out us magicians that are going out making a living doing magic everyday by pushing magic on laymen. However, a reality tv show with celebs. is in my opinion not the way to do it. This is just a push for E to make more money on whoever they can. Magic is a special art that alot of us have worked hard to earn the right to be called a magician. Having a bunch of celebs. learn some tricks and be voted on is not what being a magician or the art of magic is. This is the exact kind of thing that is hurting magicians everywhere to much exposure or misrepresentation.

    All well at least i will have something else to push myself to make all me effects and presentation better, and like i said before having all of this magic on TV will help the general population wanting more magic in their life. Especially since celebraties will be performing magic now!

  40. I agree with Jim. (the guy who wrote his review right above me.)
    I think this is really dumb. They should not advertise ellusionist.
    There are going to be so many people coming to this website figuring out our secrets. Then some people are going to buy some magic, not practice, and go perform it. That will give away more secrets. All E wants are some quick sales.

  41. Rhonny Algodon on:

    To be honest, I personally would rather see magicians perform magic. I mean wouldn’t this be like magics trying to sing. LOL!!!! I think the producers have a funny JOKE up their magical sleeves…and we can all laugh at Max Maven and McBride.

    I do hope this series doesn’t make foolish the magican. Careful where you step, it might be a trap doorl

  42. Whether you do street magic, stage illusions or whatever, this show is not going to help the artform. I love the fact that magicians are teaching through videos, but to make magic into a reality show? Phenemenon sucked. I couldn’t stand to watch it. The show was ridiculous. And now we are training celebrities to perform our art? What a waste to try and PROTECT our secrets. Ellusionist seems to only want more money. It saddens me greatly to hear this site is sponsoring such a show. Defacing the art of magic. If magic companies follow such a path, we all might as well forget performing from now on.

  43. i must say, i’m pretty angry. i honestly don’t think that this show will do any good to magicians or the art. by throwing out the ellusionist name on mtv, yeah E will make money, but they’re also putting their name out their for people to download their products illegally. all this is going to do is give our laymen a source to learn our secrets. i’m not real fond of one of MY sources, which is already very large on the map, risking exposure of the material that i perform, just for some publicity stunt. if this in fact ends how i think it will, i will take my business somewhere else….

  44. I totally agree with most of these comments. Marcus here has the point. Doing shows like these don’t help the art of illusion, it downgrades it to where anybody can do it and its no longer a special thing. If everybody could do it then where is the uniqueness in it; it becomes like breathing. Putting your name out there, ellusionist, to make a quick buck is a stupid thing to embark on. Its allowing all the “laypeople” who just want to learn the secret for no good reason but to stop the hurt on their minds from being amazed, which is what we, the magicians, want to do. Your pushing away the people, who love magic for what it is, from your site and attracting people who want to rip it off… really ignorant. But as far as the show goes it should be alright, as long as there are not any revalations. $t.

  45. I am sure the show may be iteresting and maybe even entertaining to the magic community. The problem I see is the fact that ellusionist is sponsoring this, of course as a way of marketing themselves to anyone willing to buy something from them. With magic exposed enough on the web, now any regular Joe with a credit card will order things (from ellusionist) learn the secret, expose the secret and end up setting it a side after lsoing the initial interest. It is some of the simplest ideas and techniques in magic that if shown with the right presentation can be amazing! I can do plenty or difficult, technical stuff, but these quick, simple and direct effects can be the hardest hitting. Of course these are the effects I am sure that will be promoted by Ellusionist, and now exposed for all. It is true magic is progressing constantly, but exposing some of the basics (the true foundation) of magic is no way of promoting magic as an art. Thanks elluisonist. I guess in the long run it is all about the powerful dollar!!!

  46. Brad Christian on:

    I have been amazed at how the celebrities could put themselves into the magic, and what a difference that makes. They are trained in a certain art and are able to learn the techniques of magic and then put that art into it.

    You’ve got one guy who has been in 150 movies. You’ve got a PussyCat Doll. You’ve got a rapper. A hit singer with a father who is a legend. You’ve got a comedian/actor. These people were thrilled to be in the show and to learn what they have learned.

    The PussyCat Doll brought the house down with one of her sets in front of 100 people, she was amazing and her set was routined brilliantly to showcase her own personal style.

    The 100K is just incentive, nothing more. Don’t be so quick to jump on the negative bandwagon.

    We never would have entered the show if we didn’t think magic would be treated the way it needs to be treated. But the fact that the executive producer Chris Martin IS an avid magician himself helped us make our decision. But in the interest of protecting magic we insisted on it being written into our contract that no magic would be deliberately revealed on the show. This is in writing and enforceable by law. But you’d also better believe that people like Max Maven (who I spent a lot of time with on set the other day, he’s VERY funny), Jeff McBride, Jonathan Levitt, Murray, David Regal etc etc — would also have nothing to do with the show if that were the case either. Please help us get this across in other forums when you see the opposite being said.

    The show is GOOD for magic on many levels. It will bring a certain amount of new blood into the field and we need that. You need the new interest levels, the energy, the enthusiasm, the new-thinking —— otherwise we tend to stagnate. There always has to be a flow.

    People make the mistake of thinking that someone is going to come on Ellusionist and actually BUY a $30 DVD, just to discover a few secrets! That’s a lot of money to shell out randomly for a couple of secrets! People just don’t do it. They have to have a genuine interest in magic (just like YOU did, may I remind you?) to plunk down hard earned cash. People are bitten by the magic bug because of a certain something in their personality…. they try it, and some go on to become pros and avid amateurs and others give it up. But even those ones that give it up are STILL very interested when they hear that a “magician” is at the restaurant or at the party they are going to. It’s an interest level that helps you and helps magic.

    That’s what I believe the show does, is help magic be seen in a certain light. It keeps magic in the public eye and then a certain percentage of people who do the hiring are that much more willing to make it a magician this year. Or get a magician for the trade show.

    In my position I am forced to not JUST see one side of the picture but to try to see all of it. And I have to keep an eye on the fact that new energy is constantly needed in order for magic to survive and prosper.
    Ellusionist ®

  47. Thanks for clearing that up a bit Brad. I see what your saying. $t.

  48. yes, I think that we should wait and see it instead of assuming so much and “oh, it’s going to be so horrible, everything’s going to be revealed”, etc…
    as Brad says, we have to see all sides of it.

  49. i agree with brad that people won’t just shell out $30 for a few secrets, but that brings me to the number one reason i don’t want to see this show aired.

    i can see it now…”brought to you by ellusionist”…in big bold letters during the beginning and ending credits…and perhaps every commercial break

    people WILL see this and anyone with the slightest interest in magic (no matter what their intentions are) WILL come to your website. they’ll see what you have to offer and when they realize its going to cost them $30 dollars for the information they want, they’re going to try to find the same information for FREE!

    search Ellusionist on youtube or whatever file sharing program you use. you know what you’ll find….Exposed magic. you need to realize that your products are not only available through your site. they are floating around everywhere. so once everyone knows what name to type in their search box all this information is at their fingertips. anyone who doesn’t have respect for the art of magic is obviously not going to willingly buy something they can download for free.

    like Al said above, your website offers fundamental material to magic. look at it this way, throw out all your effects that use a break, a pass, or a multiple lift. you can’t perform them anymore. someone comes up to you with a deck of cards and asks you to do a trick. what are your go-to tricks? take a moment right now to scan through all your material and find an effect that uses none of these fundamental sleights. as you can see, this greatly limits the material you can perform. with people knowing where to find this information, that is exactly what you are asking me to do. am i being selfish? definitely. am i justified? i think so.

    as for bringing “new blood into the field,” i don’t think a reality show is necessary to accomplish this at all. after all, im in this field; i had no reality show to bring me here. many others in the art of magic are the same way. i’m goin to throw out a quote from Field of Dreams. “If you build it, they will come.” “it” referring to your company. it is not necessary to go on a recruitment mission to bring people to this art. it just happens. recruiting new people to the art shouldn’t even be a concern. secrets are no longer secrets when everyone knows them.

    these are just a few issues i have with this show. i’m getting tired of typing now so im just wrap this bad boy up. i just think that this is all for the money, and that it won’t benefit magic at all. i will in fact stay on the negative bandwagon on which i’ve jumped. someone please feel free to try to set me straight…….

  50. I agree that they will likely be very careful not to reveal anything on the show. However, someone else made this very important point that I would like to see Brad respond to:

    “ALSO the fact that Ellusionist is going to have it’s name out there scares me that people are going to start massing to the website and forums and there is going to be WAY too much leakage of information.”

    This show is available to everyone to watch. Of COURSE people will be flooding the site. This is just another way for E to make money, it is NOT about promoting magic FOR magicians, it’s about promoting magic TO the general public to spark an interest in LEARNING it, not experiencing it. Magic is slowly but surely loosing its magic, which is extremely unfortunate.

  51. Ellusionist is a business, They arnt running a charity or a community.

    Why is everyone getting so upset and saying stuff like “this is on so E can make money”


    To make money…

    And I think the real reason that everyone is getting so upset is because they feel like they are a special snow flake because they know something that no one else does… They are so worried that they will no longer be considered a special snow flake…


  52. That Guy — Perhaps because it has been said by them that they are doing this to promote magic? That’s not true.

    And yes, we all feel like special snowflakes — lol?

    What is magic? We don’t sit around and perform tricks to fool and entertain ourselves. We perform magic for OTHERS. Do you remember watching magic before you started practicing it, and seeing such a convincing performance that, even though you know magic isn’t real, you had to think “but maybe.. because how else..?”? It’s something you can’t experience if you know the techniques behind the performance — at that point, all you can do is admire the skill involved, which kind of defeats the purpose as the main reason people are so entertained by magic is because of how it seemingly defies logic.

    E used to be a company for MAGICIANS — of course they’re a company and do what they do to make money. But the buyers — i.e. the magicians — expect the company they purchase their material from to meet the ethical standards that they themselves are expected to uphold by said company.

    Look at the MindBender DVD — half of what we paid for was to have a lecture about not sharing the secret with anyone, keeping the secret safe, etc. assuming all of purchasers were like the little rich shits on YouTube who can afford to purchase this stuff just to share it with their friends and gets popularity points – I was flattered. Yes, magical secrets SHOULD be kept… within the MAGICAL community. But now E will be advertising to the MAINSTREAM, to the people we PERFORM for. Not advertising magic, but their own products… the products we paid ridiculous amounts of money for because they were different from the other material out there, things people hadn’t seen before. What is the point in spending our money on this stuff if from this point on, everyone knows how it’s done? It’s no longer magic.

    Magic doesn’t need more publicity. It’s E that wants more publicity.

  53. this is 5 days after my birthday

  54. Yeah this whole thing makes me mad; I mean 63% of my magic I perform to people is from Ellusionist. If this thing blows up in are faces and every one suddenly now how to make a card bend with there mind or make a card hover of the face of a deck of cards then what is the point of even coming back here. I hope Theory 11 does not make this same mistake. Well if this all goes down in a ball of fire… There goes my dream…. This better be good. If not I wont buy from here again.

    * Sorry about the last post I was so mad I was not even spelling right*

  55. Ok here is my 2 cents. I think this show is a dumb idea like most reality shows are. However, overall I don’t believe that this will hurt magic. For one, it is a VH1 reality show. People never watch that garbage so you really don’t have to worry about people seeing it. Second, even if a trick is revealed people usually forget the secret because they really don’t care how it’s done. People want to know how it’s done and when they find out they forget. Overall it is a dumb idea for a show but won’t hurt magic that much.

  56. rocco giovacchini on:

    Jeff McBride told me about this awhile back it looks cool!

  57. Allen – XCM specialist on:

    Gonna rock the street scene with Celebracadabra!!!!!

  58. Matthew Phillips on:

    I may have posted something similar in another blog, but here it goes. If nothing will be revealed during the show then I am cool with it and it should be very entertaining. I can understand where some people are coming from when they say mass amount of people will flock to E and then go onto YouTube, type in E, and see a whole bunch of tricks exposed. I’ve seen it done many times. It is a shame, but remember that E is not the only source of magic. Heck if someone went on a file sharing site and found E tricks or penguin tricks, I’ll show them a trick from some Tarbell books. I might do a mentalist trick from “13 steps to mentalism”. Better yet if I wanted to do a cool card trick I might do something out of “card college”. There are many sources of magic out there, not just E. E is a good place to get some knowledge like the “how to do street magic” or “ninja”, but I wouldn’t stick to just this site as a source. Trust me when you perform for some little kid who went on every single file sharing site to learn all of E’s, penguin’s, T11’s tricks and you pull out a trick you learned from an old 1950 book, holy crap the look on that kid’s face would be your reward. believe me i know.

    While I am on the subject of E, I would like to point something out. I have been to many message boards and read people’s post. Many of you complain that E overprices their products, their trick sucks, or that it was all just hype. The people that says this are people who sees that E has put out a new trick and they get all excited and they buy the trick really without doing research. When a new trick comes out you have to ask yourself a couple of things. What field of magic do I like to do? Stage? Close-up? Walk-around? Will I be able to do this trick in my field? How about the angles? thousands of questions you should be asking before you purchase anything and just because you bought something that didn’t meet your satisfaction, don’t blame E blame yourself. It is E’s job to supply us with magic for many fields (close up, stage, etc..) you don’t have to buy every single thing E comes out with. Well I think I am done ranting for right now. As always I do enjoy responses, but only mature ones.

  59. i think this is going to be a horrible thing for magic, I do magic in school now there are going to be kids that go buy the tricks and ruin you buy their messing up. this is basically selling out to the man. just my oppinion.

  60. rocco giovacchini on:

    hi greg i just what to say your not the smartest person in the world.if thay do buy any of the tricks from E witch i doubt thay will do.i have just a few suggestions for you. you either buy from someone else come up with your own material or quit magic.

  61. Ellusionist! Please! You have offered great products for the working magicians, had great popularity, and financial success.
    This is an impulse move revolving around money not the art and brotherhod of magic. Magic is becoming very challenging these days, due to secrets being instantly available on google, youtube, and torrent sites. I’ve been performing for 18 years, now when people approach me, they want me to levitate above a building, and a bunch more B.S. Phenomenon was a very lowsy show, I believe this will follow. Many real illusionist, magicians, and mentalist will stand with this message. Those special, encore moments of a magic performer misdirecting an audience and taking a bow are coming to an end. Now it’s just becoming a wanna-be attitude on the street, or imitators of Criss Angel, which is 70-80% million dollar motion picture editing. Enough said!

  62. agreed

  63. cant wait

  64. Who’s the target audience? Just curious.

  65. Alvin Lachica on:

    Hold on guys. Those who are already making negative comments about this are like the tough cookies all magicians encounter. We haven’t even given this a shot yet. Like Brad said with names like Jeff McBride, Max Maven, etc., I’d have to say that nothing is gonna “leak”. They’d make sure of that. Those big name magi wouldn’t have gotten involved if they thought that it desecrated magic as an art. But the fact that they ARE backing this project says a lot.

    We need to look at this more positively. They ARE celebrities which means they have an artistic sense. They could turn some normal random trick we may already know how to do and do something with it that will make us say: “Why didn’t I think of that?” We can feed off these performances and add our own twist. And like Brad said if we get some new blood any one of them could turn out to be an out of the box thinker and come up with something that is someting waaay out of the ordinary.

    I was one of those who, very early on in life, tried magic but found it too difficult and gave up. When a particular notorious show with an equally notorious masked man aired on TV it sparked a new interest in me to learn the art again.

    On that note I hope that all the effects that will be done by these celebrities aren’t going to be things that have been seen before (ambitious, levitations, etc.) I don’t think that E will want to show something that’s already been done on TV and re-aired over and over. I sincerely hope that everything will be fresh and original.
    We just need to give this a shot. It may not be as bad as it seems.

  66. I think what is making everyone uneasy is that this show is going to throw out a lot of information that people usually try to keep on the DL. Not necessarily direct exposure, but things like sources and where to find them. This show is putting that information out there, and magicians have been hit with a wave of uncertainty of how the public will react.

  67. rocco giovacchini on:

    if all you guys would come up with your own stuff and not count on a magic company to come up with tricks for you than you really would not be so upset about this whole thing in the first place.dont get me wrong ellusionist dose have pretty good things but you guys need to be CREATIVE!

  68. Well said Rocco. I love some of the things Ellusionist has to offer but you should really try creating new things. That’s what will separate you from everyone else that just bought stock tricks.

  69. People should be creative and make their own material. But for the most part, we use pre-existing sleights to create our new effects. My concern isn’t exposure of specific effects (although it’s unfortunate), but rather the exposure of sleights utilized in various effects. If these sleights are discovered then we have limited means of creating new material, unless you are suggesting that we abandon all our knowledge of magic and start from scratch.

  70. rocco giovacchini on:

    hi Honest Abe if anybody figuers out a few sleights dose not meen its the end of the world.i meen what friends dont you know that dont know a few tricks from there uncle george.my friend knows the french drop and what a key card is but he still fails to see how and what im doing. why because im the magic guy thats why thats what i do!

    and thank you joe!

  71. You’re right rocco. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s not exactly a good thing either. I think most people would agree that we should avoid it when possible. Advertising directly to laymen isn’t exactly avoiding this situation, so this show is naturally going to make magicians feel uneasy.

  72. rocco giovacchini on:

    hi Honest Abe i guess it makes you a little uneasy.
    but i dont see how it matters if some one knows how to do a few slights.for exsample today in health class my teacher was talking about the mind and suggestion and how it works and than i offered to show the class some of my skilles with the mind.i stoped my pulse had some one think of card that i sent through suggestion the three of dimoandes that thay where holding on to the whole time and have some one feel me touch them with out actully touching them.the fact that thay know how it could dose not meen it cant be effecttive!

  73. Hi Rocco. While its possible to tip-toe through an effect that your audience already knows, the bottom line is that magic exposure is not a good thing. Its apparent that people believe that this show show will lead to exposure whether it is direct, indirect, legal, illegal, etc. Thats why the majority of the posts on this blog are skeptical. Although it’s possible to cope with exposure, I think many would agree that we should make sure it doesn’t happen in the first place.

  74. rocco giovacchini on:

    well ill be honest i do think exposure is some what of a good thing because it pushes me to not do the same old meathods or effects that been around for ever.look at it this way slydeiny never learnd from other magicians so the fact off the matter is why should we ?

  75. Mixed opinions here. Read the whole thing before you bash me.

    You guys speak of being creative, which i’m all for. But I can think of a few slights that if learned, would single-handedly ruin the impact of at least 30 tricks. I don’t have to rely on these slights, but your beginning magician might lose his entire repetoire. The layperson might not know how the slight was done, but he may know it’s a slight. Then, there’s not as much impact. I know it’s been stated that it might prompt us to think of new methods, which is a good thing, but think about it. Let’s say you perform a slight that falsely accomplishes something. Let’s say you get “creative” and figure out 4 more ways of doing it. WHAT DOES IT MATTER? The layperson will know that it was false, and won’t care if you used your special method or E’s. I agree with Honest Abe’s statement:

    “People should be creative and make their own material. But for the most part, we use pre-existing sleights to create our new effects. My concern isn’t exposure of specific effects (although it’s unfortunate), but rather the exposure of sleights utilized in various effects. If these sleights are discovered then we have limited means of creating new material, unless you are suggesting that we abandon all our knowledge of magic and start from scratch.”

    That said, If I was E’s owner, I would not hesitate to get my company’s name out to everyone out there. Even if it did seem like a sell out mainstreet move, I did start a business to sell, right? And although I’ve been asked to do parties and been hit with the horrifying “hey, i’ve seen how that’s done on youtube” statement, hopefully that will remain a small percentage of the population. People may flock to the site, and may not want to pay. People may pay, but majority will be too lazy to practice. I’m actually not too worried about people looking and finding out, i’m more worried about people not practicing and screwing up during performance. Sorry, just rambling now.

  76. now this is worth to be called a Reality Show! Can’t wait!

  77. rocco giovacchini on:

    i do think we all should abandon all our knowledge of magic and start from scratch.it working for me so i dont see what the problem is! is it really that hard!

  78. I have been doing card tricks for 10+ years and have recently gotten into coins and mentalism.

    I can definitely see an advantage to ellusionist wanting to advertise with Celabra-Cadabra. It would direct interested people to one of the best places to learn cutting edge magic, instead of people throwing magic into a search engine and learning from some 7 year old how not to perform successfully. As far as those who want to know how to do magic, fix their car or bake a cake, they will find the answers if they search hard enough. At least those who have any interest in performing magic will have an opportunity to learn it right the 1st time.

    On the other hand, there will also be people who may visit this site just to satisfy a spectator curiosity without the desire to perform, but just know how a trick is executed. Our job should be to make it difficult to figure out how something works without paying for it, and to allow those who are truly interested to buy and learn.

    My major concern is how we are protected. I would like to reiterate some concerns I made evident in prior posts that descriptions of some tricks and accessories should be adjusted to prevent exposure to any lurkers who are not interested in learning magic. It would take a short period of time for anyone to figure out how coinbite/folding coin works when they see that the refills are rubber-band replacements. I know that this can be more discreet since “Box Monster” has a refill option which does not describe what the refill is. I bought the M5 about a year ago and have only been caught once in all the performances I have done. I would be pretty upset if after paying $170.00 I tried a future routine and was called out by a spectator who knew the method because of the products description. Such descriptions like “1 custom wrist strap that fits the M5 perfectly, Shimmed Shell Coin: This coin can be made to vanish or change into another coin (the latter is accomplished by placing a smaller coin under the shell),” or even “Shimming Supplies: Additional shim foil and wire for making your own shimmed playing cards, business cards, envelopes, etc. Simply glue two surfaces together with shim material between them and you will have a shimmed item that can be detected or affected by a MAGNET”.

    These descriptions either hint to or directly give away the methods to some of your tricks.

    What are your thoughts ellusionist?


  79. This really worries me. It’s only going to start a wave of interest for magic from the everyday person which will inevitably result in reveals that will spread like wildfire and force us to take countless effects out of our routines.

    Take the quarter in soda can example. I’ve encountered people that have never even seen the dvd, yet they know EVERYTHING about the trick via word of mouth. People aren’t going to be shocked or impressed anymore if they see washed-up celebrities learning to perform effects. It takes away our credibility and will put a damper on reactions.

    This is a horrible idea and I think Ellusionist is putting publicity at a higher priority than its loyal contributers.

    I wish the best for Ellusionist, but this company can only do so well for itself before it begins to destroy the reason it exists in the first place.

    and worst of all its VH1, its not even in good taste
    way to sell out… seriously

  80. Yea.. just what we need is to give RICH CELEBS money and a shot at the Palace in Vegas when there are guys(and gals) who have been into it since they were old enough to shuffle and would give anything for that one shot to take it up a notch and improve their own lives…magically, financially, and their big shot at show biz. WTF Ellusionist… use the money your fellow magicians have given to support you for your effects to GIVE celebs the secrets while we work to buy effects with extra money, a big stage, and money. I’m glad you’re sponsoring it because I think from now on I’ll sponsor a seller on EBAY TM, for cheaper prices too!

  81. I´m thinking about what Brad said, “I have to keep an eye on the fact that new energy is constantly needed in order for magic to survive and prosper.”, i´m not worried if the tricks are exposed or not (I love Pen and Teller), i think of myself as an artist and not a trick-buy addict, but you said you need new energy, yet you going to rely on celebrities to that refresh?!? Instead of doing intensive magic courses with Nicole, you could to it with people that are in or starting in this art, this way you would give the intensive NOW HOW to people that are interested in making this art grow, and you would refresh magic by developing the quality of every magician show.

    I´m sorry Brad, i really like you and your work, i´ve learnt great concepts with you, but this show is phenomenal for more publicity and more money, and just ok for the art. I hope you don´t get the reverse of the coin.

    I can´t leave without saying this, Brad gave us a lot,( i don´t agree with this show),but with what he gave us he has the right to make his experiences. Majority of the comments i´ve read, were written by people whose only concern is the revealing of the tricks (not the art itself), yet many of you probably use piracy to get the tricks, the exposure is the same, think about it.


  82. rocco giovacchini on:

    thank you Lobotomy yet another magicain that respects the as much as me and all the people that deserve to be in this art !

  83. soooo… this is a terrible idea, there are to many people that will watch that , see the tricks that are on the website, then magicians like me who try and perform the trick live, they will be like, “oh yeah i saw that on tv the other day”, to me thats ruining my routine because, the impact of your magic is not as strong the first time. Now i may not be a professional magician, but it still makes me angry whenever someone exposes magic, and when this hits, its going to be easier than ever. All im saying is that if this happens, Theory11 is going to be my main magic site from now on…..

  84. Fauxe is worried that after the show, when he performs tricks for people they’ll say “oh yeah i saw that on tv the other day”?

    That’s ridiculous! Who among us hasn’t performed tricks that previously appeared on television? After Copperfield put “Misled” in one of his specials people didn’t start poo-pooing it at my shows. No one watches a Balducci levitation and says “whatever, I’ve seen Blaine do that.” People are genuinely distrustful of the magic they watch on TV. They’re not stupid. They know that TV magicians cheat. But perform a miracle for them up-close and personal? That’ll blow them away.

    And this whole notion that Ellusionist will be selling all the tricks on their site is preposterous. Were they in control of VH1? Did they strong-arm the consultants and producers into only performing Ellusionist tricks? I doubt it. Besides, I read the article in Magic Magazine. They’re talking about stage illusions. I see a picture of a freakin’ Water Torture Cell. Does Ellusionist sell that?

    The show might be good or it might suck. Who knows? But hearing a magician complain that some stupid television show is hurting his bottom line is pathetic. The reason the reactions your getting suck isn’t because of those jackasses, it’s because of your lack of skill. Grow up.

  85. rocco giovacchini on:

    Kim Wyatt is on the show!now there is a reson for people to watch that and the magic.but ya shes pretty hot!

  86. I haven’t been on ellusionist.com for quite some time and I have been sitting at this screen for over an hour trying see both sides of this issue. The truth is, for me it was not easy to find ellusionist when I found it years ago. Now its as easy as searching any magic related word on any search engine. The pattern of life is pretty simple in my opinion. Everything that is created will evolve to it’s death! dinosaurs, humans, cultures, magic, etc…! The faster it evolves the faster it will die. What makes magic so special is that maybe the magician does have some kind of special power. That question of what if, that truly amazes someone. If people know that the secret is a few clicks and dollars away, it erases any speculation. We should then rename “magic” to “misleading entertainment”.

    I’m pretty sure that E will be a regular mention on this new show on VH1 and to me thats like david blaine performing for someone and after he’s done telling them where they can learn how to do it. As for getting new blood into the art I think that is better left to the individual to do his/her own research. Not advertising how easy it is to find. ” If a pussycat doll can do it so can I.” I’m not saying that what she can or is doing is easy. I’m saying that you’re making something that seems hard to obtain quite easy to obtain with a little bit of free time and some extra coin.

    As for getting people excited about magic, that is what shows like David Blaine’s specials and worlds greatest magic are for. Have you been to vegas lately? It’s all over the town and yes the couple in their 30’s might be a little too occupied with the money and the whistles going off 24/7 to notice but, do you know who will notice? Their 8yr old son or daughter standing with dazed look on his face. People are not amazed buy something that is thrown in their face week after week. It’s that one unique special moment that stays with you forever and shows like Mindfreak and possibly this one make magic mainstream, normal, and ordinary.

    I still love ellusionist and think they are top notch in illusions and customer sevice. I just hope that this show doesn’t create problems for amature and professional magicians alike.

    I don’t know… E will sell their company to the public any way they choose. They own it. Thats their right. That being said, the guy selling his old How To Do Street Magic DVD on Ebay will feel free to do so. He owns it. Thats his right!

  87. Dancing Magician on:

    I am excited about the show. Obviously (but I guess it needs to be said again) magic is about performance, not just secrets.

    Actually, what you guys should prepare for is the shocking reality that a professional actor or comedian can perform circles around the average magician, even with the most simple techniques. Have an open mind and be ready to learn from that, because it hurts a little the first time you realize it.

    It may come across as “Anyone can do it,” but these people are not just anyone. They have already acquired the skills necessary to entertain people without magic. Now we give them magic, better mentors than most magicians have (You do have a mentor right), stage direction, and writers. Magic will look good. Very good.

    Yes, people may say they’ve seen your trick on TV. So, can you do it better than they did? Can you really? If you were on the show, how long would you last?

    -I’ll go hide in a ditch now-

    Ballroom dancing business has been booming because of all the TV shows. But TV stations are already booked one year out with dance shows and will not hear any more proposals. Maybe its a magic’s turn to get back on TV.

  88. I have to say that my main concern about the whole idea is the fact that someone will be winning 100K. Its only incentive you say? Well, what was my incentive when on my first purchase from ellusionist I shelled out $200 for DVDs and supplies a few years ago. I thought the incentive for learning magic was acquiring a skill and learning an art form.

    I would rather see E team up amateurs from their forums with a celebrity and have the teams compete. (NO! I DON’T MEAN ME!)

    Lets be honest, VH1 has a track record for taking B and C list celebrities and making mediocre TV programming. Who cares about Flavor of Love or Who Loves New York. The Surreal Life, give me a break! Yes, at times its entertaining but who ever really takes these people seriously?

    Part of me thinks that E is concerned about how magic is portrayed on reality TV and the other part knows that for them magic is a business and this is an opportunity to get their face on a well known cable station.

    Oh, about me not being able to handle a celebrity performing circles around me. With the instruction they are getting I sure hope then can. Otherwise, All parties involved in the project would just look really foolish.

    Anyway, I sure hope that the show proves everyone wrong.

  89. Andrew Richards (laserbrain69) on:

    I don’t know whether anyone has realised about this, or whether you guys just take it for granted, but BY GOD is that fan good that C. Thomas Howell is displaying with a Ghost deck! I wish I could fan like that!

  90. There better not be ‘free magic tricks’ on the show. If there is, Ellusionist is going lose ALL my respect.

  91. This might be known to some, but I don’t know: Is the show on TV yet? If so, what day(s) and what time?

  92. Not a Problem: Exposure. This show is not about exposure.

    Problem (for some): Many laymen coming to E’s website and realizing they can buy all the tricks you perform.

    For all of you who are concerned about people knowing how you do your tricks…don’t worry about it. Most people won’t go through the trouble of figuring out how it’s done. If they do, try to convince them to become a magician.
    Also, there are tons of great tricks that are not advertised on the front page of Ellusionist. I don’t perform a lot of tricks from the front page (you know the ones that cost $20-$40 for one trick). I own most of the DVDs, but I buy them for the idea behind the trick. Many times, even if I know how the trick is done, I’ll still buy the DVD to see what the creator thinks about this.
    What would bother me is if people came on to the site and found the invisible deck. I use the invisible A LOT. It is a powerful which needs to be kept. I CAN do it with a borrowed deck, but it’s not as easy or comfortable as with an invisible deck. I don’t care if people see the preview for it (they will never figure it out from the preview), as long as they don’t know how it works.
    Somebody mentioned that we won’t be able to use passes or double lifts. That is pure, unadulterated crap! I can do a double lift and fool a magician. I’ve watched Gregory Wilson do an AMAZING pass, while telling me what he was doing and I still didn’t see it and was astonished when the card changed position. You can still do your favorite tricks, just do them better.
    I’m not excited about people flocking to any online magic related site, but I don’t like E much either. They charge way too much for their MEDIOCRE effects (if you actually think their tricks are above standard, you need to explore some other artists) but they are an EXCELLENT business. They advertise well and are a growing company. Business wise, this was the best move they could have done.
    Face it, none of you are going to leave E over this. You are addicted to knowing how the latest trick is done, and obviously don’t have the brains to figure it out on your own. The next time E comes out with an “Over-Hyped” trick you’ll be first in line to reserve your copy and then complain about it afterwards.
    Quit your whining and learn how to astonish people without sleight of hand or gimmicks.

  93. I hope they dont use stigmata or saw cause those are my most used effects

  94. I think this might be a good thing. It might get more people aware of this art form. I remember when I was a little kid I always wanted to learn magic and this site helped me accomplish that goal. I’m not so sure revealing tricks is a good idea, but if someone else wants to learn this art then be my guest. I think alot of us are selfish and want to keep this art form to ourselfs, but I think it could be a good thing if it spreads.

  95. I feel that this show should go to real people randomly chosen or something along those lines. This should be to get more people into the art that do not either 1.) Have much money 2.) don\’t already hog the television screen 3.) Need a hobby because celebs can already do it all… This would be for such a better cause if it went to different people who are not celebs. Seriously? Why do celebs need an additional 100K. Also, Why can\’t it be random people (not Public Eye Stars)? More beneficial to the art form would be other people because you ensure to hook them on magic, thus bringing ellusionist more sales. Plus, if \”Real\” people (aside from the stars) see \”Real\” people performing magic they might say, \”Hey, those kids, teens, adults, whatever learned magic pretty easily, they didn\’t have a bunch of money to hire a magic tutor…maybe i can do this too!\” =]] once more, bringing more sales to ellusionists. Personally, if I saw a celeb do a magic trick…I would be like…Whoop-de-doo…if I saw some other people I didn\’t know performing Great magic, i\’d be like, Woah…now thats impressive!

  96. I agree with a lot of people here, especially rick. whats the point of doing magic if everybody will know how to do it. After watching this tons and tons of people with go to E and learn how to do magic. Yes, E has to make money but come on, how can we go and perform stuff if everybody knows how its done?

  97. Lets be real here, how many people will go and buy a $50 dvd just to learn magic? Being a fellow magician I have worries too, but how bad could it hurt? (speaking unsurely)

  98. Allen – XCM specialist on:

    i just want to know when Celebracadabra will start.

  99. I dont think they should make so many magic shows because magic will become over exposed and lots of people will know it and it will become a less unique skill :(.

    PLEASR no more tv magic shows like this.

    I mean room 401 is fine and T.H.E.M is ok but a show that reveals downloadible tricks is not very nice

  100. Why is the prize for a celebrity $100,000? That makes no sense whatsoever. They have nothing to lose–they’re just trying to pick up some extra cash. And how is this prize suppose to engage the viewer and make them get behind someone and care about whether they win or lose? Nothing is at stake here.

  101. David Regal’s insider comments on Celebracadabra : Ellusionist Magic News on:

    […] but with magic. In other words, several ‘magic coaches’ would train an equal number of celebrities in our mystical art, with eliminations and winners in the manner of any number of reality shows. We […]

  102. Jereme Kennington on:

    It sounded neat at first, but something has never felt right since. If people really want to get into magic, they’ll find out how. They’ll go to their library, seek a local magician, subscribe to a magazine, heck even search the internet.

    It just makes me mad that real enthusiastic magicians who work and strive hard and save the little they make for six months just to get that awesome trick they’ve been waiting forever for and even hoping to become professional someday is taken over by someone already famous being taught completely free who never took the time to look into the art and probably don’t even have an interest in it or strive to be professional!

    What is the point of this anyway? What is Ellusionist’s goal? If they can give $100,000 away to someone who thinks this is just adding another penny to the bank, then they obviously have a successful business that doesn’t need “boosting”. Seriously, though, what is the point of this production? What is it for? Is it to help magicians? Is it to help the magic community? Or just themselves?

    I’m gonna do my part, and if you agree with me, I’m not gonna support this and I’m not going to watch it.

  103. Jereme Kennington on:

    One last thing…. Even if magic isn’t exposed or people don’t know how it’s done, they’ll at least know “how” you know it and “where” you got it from. The mainstream community can easily say “You got that from that website, didn’t you?”, “you bought that trick for $20.00!”, or even “I can learn that too. I’ll just go buy it”.

    It takes the magic out of magic. People wouldn’t think you do magic; they would know you just bought it or that you simply learned a “trick”.

    You perform an amazing trick flawlessly, then they say:
    –“How much can I/did you buy that one for?”
    –“Did you get that from that website?”
    –“Wow, I need to buy that so I can do it too!”

    Not very fun. Especially when some smart heckler let’s everybody in on it: “I don’t know how he does it but you can get it at that website for $25.00″ Someone else: “Really? I’ll have to check that out!”

    Your performance then feels like a promotion rather than a performance.

  104. Havig just joined the site, purely by chance, a year after this whole thing….. im looking forward to see how this has changed magic and the art,entertainment and wow effects on the general public…. surely people (the masses) have treated this exposure as they do all others – a large influx of curious people followed by the majority forgetting they even saw the special once MTV and VH1 saturate their poor weak minds with something else….and magic going back to what it was before…. or at least, thats what im hoping :)

  105. Seeing celebs perform magic sounds cool, but do they really need the money? Honestly!

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