Celebracadabra Star Appears At Rio Grand Opening

January 31st, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under General

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Entourage star Kevin Dillon hosted the star-studded grand opening of McFadden’s Irish pub restaurant saloon at the Rio resort casino. Celebrity magicians also appearing at the red carpet gala opening were Penn & Teller, Nathan Burton who appears in Comedy Magic at Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile, and Murray Sawchuck, one of the magic coaches on VH1’s new reality series Celebracadabra sponsored by Ellusionist.

Murray is one of the veteran magicians coaching the celebrities for performances in front of tough crowds who will ultimately judged by a panel of master magicians who determine which celebrities get to advance to the next challenge.

The celebrities appearing on the show are C. Thomas Howell, comedian ANT, Hal Sparks, Chris Reid (Kid from Kid n’ Play), Lisa Ann Walter, Carnie Wilson, Kim Wyatt from The Pussycat Dolls.

Currently, Celebracadabra is slated to debut on Sunday April 20 and run 9 weeks.


  1. very cool stuff… Just think: pretty soon E is gonna be full of traffic. Wait a sec, if everybody is a magician, who will I perform magic for?

  2. Yeah I really hope that stigmata and mindbender isn’t on the show, they are my two best effects….especially since mindbender is GREAT for shooting down hecklers….

  3. I cannot WAIT until this show premieres. I was never interested in watching ‘Phenomenon’ seeing as I’m not the biggest Criss Angel fan in the world…but knowing that E is behind this show makes me want to watch it even more.

  4. Matthew Mello on:

    Thats awesome that hes wearing an Ellusionist shirt. Just noticed it. I’m assuming they will have commercials playing during the episodes…can’t wait to see those.

    Matthew Mello

  5. what i get out of this is that celebrities perform and magicians coach them, like dancing with the stars.

  6. I LOVE his shirt, does E sell those shirts?

  7. At first I thougt this was a great idea, but now I’m having second thoughts. Not to be negitive but I would like to be able to perform magic without any one knowing where I learned it from. I think it’s great that is Ellusionist getting there name out there, but I fear for my magic just a little.

  8. yeah, i agree with this guy up there, i dont want magic to be so publicized, if evveryone does magic, the reactions that i do it for will be gone, all of the oh my gods will turn into, aww man, u got that from E!!! i mean, yea i want u guys to be successful, but i dont want you guys to only care about money, u know what i mean?

  9. Karl E. Fiesta on:

    I’m getting excited about this new show. I wonder who will be the celebrity magicians. I just hopw no exposures will be done on magic. I hope this show will inspire budding magicians.

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