Celebracadabra Episode 2 & Wise words going unheeded…

May 5th, 2008 | Jason Brumbalow | Filed Under General

Once again, the smoke has cleared, the shards of broken wand have been swept away, and the canceled sign has adorned another apprentice magician’s picture in The Magic Castle.

Episode 2 dealt with Children’s Magic, and to my mind showed as much how *not* to do it as how to remain professional and appropriate!

What can we take away from episode 2 though? Without going to the obvious “Never, ever invite a school full of children to rip the candy from your absurd candy suit”, the real highlight for me was Lisa Ann Walter’s production of lemonade, when given a bushel of lemons.

Lisa Ann Walters wearing this season’s in look

Forced to wear a Ketchup suit due to Hal Sparks’ special powers this week, all seemed truly lost for her… Except, she had other plans.

After the initial shock had worn off, I can only imagine the amount of work that went in to preparing her act – what *can* you do with a Ketchup suit?! Easy, perform slick and themed magic, after having the world’s best children’s entertainer whoop your crowd into a frenzy for you!

Showing exactly what you can do when you’re put into a situation you’re not comfortable with, and don’t want to be in, Lisa Ann Walters’ routine was smart, funny, and kept well within appropriate behaviour boundaries for children’s entertainment – sadly more than could be said for this week’s loser, Ant.

After throwing a hissy fit and running out of the costume store because of the scary clowns, it appeared that he refused to even consider putting the homework of character creation and preparation of the other contestants, instead settling for calling at a gas station on the way and picking up as much candy as he could carry – before stapling it all over himself.

Quite what this has to do with anything other than a vain bid to buy the children’s affections, I was never, and perhaps will never be sure. I was unfortunately proved right though, and at the culmination of Ant’s (extremely inappropriate on occasion) routine, he invited all the children to rip the candy from him…









Wise words from Ant’s Coach that were about to be completely ignored.

Special mention this week to C. Thomas Howell, and his rise to the top after last week’s mistakes. His Cowboy act made sense, his natural personality shone through and his enthusiasm was contagious as he enjoyed rapt attention from a room full of restless children.


 C. Thomas Howell’s performance of the Lassoo’d Card winning astonishment from the children and respect from magicians who saw his handling of a potentially tricky moment.

This show is simply getting better and better, and next week’s show – in which our magicians find themselves performing in bars to a selection of college students in varying degrees of inebriation – looks to be perhaps the most interesting (and certainly most challenging to the fledgling magicians powers of crowd control) yet.


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    I think it is good for kids nice job everyone.