Celebracadabra, Episode 1 & Max Maven’s new “do”

April 30th, 2008 | Jason Brumbalow | Filed Under General

Now that the dust has well and truly settled from the first episode, let’s take a look back and see what we can actually take away from Episode 1 of the VH1 reality show.

Sometimes – whether you’re a beginner or a professional – things go wrong. Sometimes they go a little bit wrong, but sometimes…they go A LOT wrong. There’s not much that one can do about it, as it’s simply going to happen at some point. But what we do to get over it when they *do* go wrong, now *That’s* the mark of distinction.

One of the celebrities recovered from the faliure by coming back and knocking the same effect out of the house the next time he performed it… The other came back a different way and performed it in a very much more introspective way.

Which is right? Both.

Which is right for you? Only you can say.

As for the rest, I personally found it very interesting to see the sorts of presentations (both basic and more involved) that the celebrities performed, from the simple reformation of a bill that turned out to be mis-made… To the edgy presentation of the floating dollar bill – that could *really* have ended up poorly – Kudos to C. Thomas Howell for having the nerve to put himself and his skills out there like that.










Kim Wyatt’s Card to Broken Bottle was another highlight for me, as the apprentice magician made it seem so smooth and flowing.

The judges were fair, and, for my money, right on the mark with their assesments of each celebrity.

Speaking of the judges… Although Max Maven wasn’t in the first episode, there was an extremely short clip of him, prior to the opening titles.










If anyone can name a magician who could carry off that hairstyle as well as Max, I’ll buy them a beer (Courtesy of the Kim Wyatt school of beer bottle management)

And some magician’s wax.





  1. MagicMan0022 on:

    I thought it was a good 1st show and look forward to seeing the rest of it. The magic didn’t look cheap at all as one other person said.

    It would be cool to see ellusionist put together another show after this one but this time in search of new talent in the world of Street and Stage Magic! You could start with 8-12 and then have the judges and audience vote also who will be sent home after each week!

  2. “If anyone can name a magician who could carry off that hairstyle as well as Max, I’ll buy them a beer (Courtesy of the Kim Wyatt school of beer bottle management)

    And some magician’s wax.”

    Is it true? Hehehehe. I’ll name it. In Indonesia, there is a popular magician (mentalist to be precise) that have the same hairstyle as Max Maven. It’s Deddy Corbuzier.

  3. rocco giovacchini on:

    what is every ones problem this show is something new and fresh. just because your a magician dose dont meen you have to hate it !
    i really like it and i think all of you need to grow up!

  4. anonymous on:

    Seriously people, have you seen the layman reactions to it? There is absolutely nothing wrong with this show.

    A few days after the first episode, people were talking about it in my first history class. I preform magic for them a lot, but they were NOT saying “oh, so it’s that easy! Anyone can do it!”. They were saying “How the heck does [insert trick name here] work??? That was so cool!” Or “Wow they learned that fast? Cool!”.
    I think your overreacting. 😉

  5. anonymous on:

    ***meant “first period history class” not “first history class”, sorry. Just wanted to clear that up.

  6. rocco giovacchini on:

    every that i know that dose not do magic seem to like it!
    so a all you magicians can bash the show all you want but in the end its not what we like its really what the lay people like that matters!

  7. Max Maven is one of the coolest people in the world!

  8. yankeefan on:

    so i posted some criticism a few days ago and it is removed. haha. Now I have to repost it.

    WHO CARES ABOUT MAX MAVENS HAIRSTYLE??? Talk about counter productive to the art of magic.

    And, I’m sorry, but these are such D-List celebrities that I have to agree with the Variety review. Calling them celebrities is a bit of a stretch. Show doesn’t do anything but cheapen the art of magic.

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    […] or two items we wanted and walk out again? How about the prevalence of magic on TV with shows like Celebracadabra, showing how Celebrities can learn magic quickly? *Surely* that’s to blame for the downfall […]

  10. interesting hair on:

    Um have you seen Jeff McBride’s mullet??
    I’m sure he could sport a couple of “hair horns” without people batting an eye.