Clips featured in battle; ends tonight at midnight

August 20th, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Last time we had a battle, the blue Vintage 1800s declawed the white-pipped Black Tigers. This time, we’re pitting two card guards against each other.

Let’s get to the obvious: Both of these guards are our stainless steel, laser-engraved beauties. There is no functional difference between the Masters and the Arcane versions, so this is a battle of the JBone graphics. One was sketched from a dream, the other from a 48-hour Red Bull bender. One whispers mystery and secrets, the other screams pride and power. One has a hidden JB, the other does not. The contestants:

Arcane ace: This ace features ribbons of parchment scrawled with glyphs of an unknown origin. What language is it? No one has figured it out yet. Highlighted by wisps of smoke, the ace contains answers to deeply-held questions — if you only knew what those questions were.

Masters ace: The eagle emblazoned in the middle of this ace speaks to the toughness and durability of the cards it represents. Wings outstretched and talons flared, the eagle flies below a well-deserved crown. Oh, those might be naked chicks at the bottom. With lightning bolts for legs.

So far, the Arcane clip is winning. Cast your vote by scooping up one of your very own for almost half-price. Both clips are available for $9, but only until midnight Friday (U.S. Eastern). At 12:01 a.m. Saturday, your chance is gone.


  1. So far, the Arcane ace is winning this battle. Masters and Arcane card clips are $9 until midnight (U.S. Eastern):

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    Clips featured in battle; ends tonight at midnight:
    Last time we had a battle, the blue Vintage 1800s declawed th…