Bullets: Sparks still doing magic, Alonzo helping Jacko, self-promotion touted, lack of mystery mourned

May 18th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Are we playing catch-up, or is there so much going on in the magic world that we have to cram four posts into one? You decide:

  • Hal Sparks, actor and competitor on VH-1’s Celebracadabra, was interviewed by SLAM creator Travis McPherson on Scrapple Sandwich. During the interview, he talked about his experience on the show. And yes, he still does magic: “All the time … it becomes a compulsion. Once you learn a coin trick, a card trick or any trick that requires the practice of a motion over and over again, you do it like monkey taught to feed itself by pushing a button that shocks them.” We’re also big fans of “Chris in Vancouver,” who got to ask Hal a question on air.
  • Mystery solved from the horse’s mouth. Michael Jackson has hired magician Ed Alonzo to create illusions for an upcoming tour. Alonzo told Dodd Vickers at the Magic Newswire that he won’t be in Jacko’s show like he is in Britney Spears’ (though on vacation now, he will be on tour with Spears until December).
  • Magician Ted Outerbridge testifies to the power of marketing and self-promotion in this report from The (Montreal) Gazette. He has landed a show at a major downtown Toronto theater with his promotion savvy, which has impressed others.
  • Mentalist Stuart Cumberland offers a thought-provoking article on his newly-revamped Web site. His thought: Why can’t people put mystery back into magic and mentalism? He argues, among other things, that mentalists who present their art as “psychological” or “scientific” instead of “mind-reading” do their part to murder mystery.


  1. I hope some of the kids around here read Cumberland’s article… I’ve been harping on the same thing for a few years in the forums

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