Bullets: Houchin’s house hounded, Blaine on Ellen, unique magic display, get social with E

June 4th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under David Blaine, General, Products

Some more bullets for your Friday enjoyment:

  • As if Wayne Houchin hasn’t been through enough, with his hectic schedule and harried rush to get “Art of Magic” out the door. After a post-deadline crash, some drunk dude tried to break into his house. Seriously. Houchin tells the full story on the latest edition of the AwesomeCast. And speaking of Art of Magic, the latest trailer has been released.
  • David Blaine and his incredible street magic will be part of the lineup on the June 17 Ellen Degeneres show, to be aired from the Chicago Theatre. Other guests include Kanye West and Nick Cannon.
  • Found on iTricks: Justin Robert Young found this unique, macabre, magic-related exhibit in Australia. Lauren Brown’s Abracadaver combines funeral paraphernalia with magic gimmicks. Very cool. In a Voltaire kind of way. It’s so easy when you’re evil. And speaking of iTricks: Young has marshaled a worldwide staff of reporters in addition to his vast network of tipsters. That means the site is packed with even more magic news. Sweet.
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