Bullets: Cards in squirrel’s paws, only for families, on wine, with iPhones and on coffin

August 13th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Most of you know how much I love playing cards, so it shouldn’t surprise any of you that I search “playing cards” on Google every day. Found some nifty stuff in THAT search, which I will present in super-style Ellusionist bullet format awesome fun-time:

  • That has to be the creepiest picture I’ve seen in a while (except for a Batman video that Jason Brumbalow sent me, but that’s another story). Rick Nadeau, of Mitchell, Ill., is a taxidermist with a niche: He stuffs squirrels and arranges them doing weird things. The photos are priceless.
  • Tim, in his Culture Rage blog, writes that if you are in Amman, Jordan, that you are not allowed to play cards in a coffee shop unless you are part of a family. What the, indeed.
  • Katie Jain loves poker and wine. The founder of JAQK Cellars is thrilled that the company’s line of vinos are the official wines of the World Series of Poker. Check out the design of the bottles. And every one comes with a slick deck of cards. We are thirsty, all of a sudden.
  • For our iPhone-addicted friends: Here’s a deck of plastic playing cards themed after your favorite smartphone. And, just like an iPhone, they are appropriately overpriced. Oh yeah, I went there.
  • A Rothwell, U.K. farmer who passed away was taken to his final resting place by tractor in a coffin adorned with playing cards. The coffin was a nod to one of Alexander Campbell Murtland’s favorite pastimes, which he was enjoying during the night before his death with hospital staff. Godspeed, Mr. Murtland. Wished we could have played a few hands with you.

Those of you who didn’t know about my hobby, you can see a few of my non-E decks on my Facebook page. All of the decks are cooler than a deck of Jerry’s Nuggets. Enjoy.


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