Bullets: Burton’s exit, Cohen’s passion, Russia’s Mayan cards, Jacobs’ lights

April 6th, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Just like “The Matrix,” it’s bullet time:

  • Lance Burton’s exit from the Monte Carlo in Vegas is so big that it’s all over the Associated Press. There’s still plenty of rumors and blanks in the story, as well. Even though everyone and their brother has posted the story, we’re giving the story link to iTricks, who knew about it before any other outlet. Good on ya, JRY.
  • We love the art on this deck of playing cards. It’s a Russian deck inspired by Mayan art. Sweetness. Hope the deck fans well…
  • Steve Cohen, a.k.a. The Millionaire’s Magician, is a member of the Essential Magic Conference (of which Ellusionist is an official partner). He talked about his influences and the power of performance in this vid.
  • We loved this video of Jason Jacobs performing — he posted it to the Ellusionist Media forums, and we’re glad he did. His routine is perfect for the background. Enjoy:


  1. No link to the Mayan cards?

  2. MagicPassion on:

    Bullets: Burton’s exit, Cohen’s passion, Russia’s Mayan cards, Jacobs’ lights: Just like “The Matrix,” it’s bullet… http://bit.ly/bEmzm8

  3. What deck of Russian cards?

  4. Joe Hadsall on:

    You mean that link that has been there THE WHOLE TIME? Seriously, heh. It was there. Always has been… really…

    I suck.

    The link is there now.