Brad Christian podcast: No summer vacation planned for Ellusionist

June 12th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General, Products

So, what are you doing this summer? Got big plans? Hopefully, you’ll be dropping jaws like crazy. We’re hoping you send us some good video.

As for us, we have a busy summer ahead. Brad Christian explains exactly how in this podcast. At the very least, he should address that mystery picture you all got in the e-mail yesterday.

Enjoy. And, you may want to have your calendars ready.


  1. Andrew Warner on:

    The mystery picture was clearly David Stone and it is probably a card through window effect.

  2. Andrew Warner on:

    yep. That will be sweet.

  3. Ellusionist on:

    New blog post: Brad Christian podcast: No summer vacation planned for Ellusionist

  4. Dallas White on:

    Hi, I am a grand prize winner on that contest with Wayne Houchin and was wondering if he could mail me the signed sheet since I can’t go?

  5. I am from mexico… i love your work men…. i think you make me see another view of the magic.. please.. take care you… keep like that…. i want to be like you…. you have the most impact teaching magic tricks… i love the way… you teach…. see you soon… god bless you…

    sorry aboat my english i keep studing..


  6. How’s everyone? Me? Hangin’ out and most definately, doing what I call, killing the crowd. I got my hands on the Black Tiger deck. I then went out to a party and showed some, out of minders. People crowded me. People looked souless. People made me feel… extravigant! That was before I dished out my gaff illusions. Sometimes people can’t say anything. Then, as you start to walk away. They pull your shoulder and make you feel, for lack of a better word, high with all the complements! Brad, thanks for bein’ a great mentor. Well, hollar back. Hey, y’all need to hit Texas up. I really wanted to go to the workshop to learn. Alright, love the podcast, great idea! A thousand thank you’s.

  7. Oh, I genuinly want to know if y’all are goin’ to find a good way to stream video. I subscribed to the newsletter, yet I had to forget about the videos. Just wonderin’. Thanks.