Brad Christian: Damien Savina drew cheers from diners with Invisible

February 8th, 2013 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General, Products

Brad Christian, founder and president of Ellusionist, was dining with Damien Savina a few months ago in Paris; in a classic restaurant known for rich, gourmet entrees, excellent staff members and discerning customers. As they talked, Savina performed Invisible right at the table.

“As I watched, captivated, I noticed that something in the room was changing,” Brad said. “I slowly became aware that a lot of the buzz and chatter that had filled the room was gone. Dead silence was beginning to settle in.”

Brad looked at some of the people seated at tables nearby. All of them were watching. Rapt. Brad spotted another table across the restaurant — eight of the upper-crust in a room filled with well-to-do clientele. After Brad pointed them out, Damien walked over to them and performed Invisible, just inches away from them. After he was done… silence.

Then applause. From the entire room.

“Time and again I’ve watched Damien perform this effect and stop people IN THEIR TRACKS without saying a word,” Brad said. “You could stand there and bang on a big drum and not get half the attention you would by floating a little ring in the palm of your own hand. When you push the ring a few inches across a horizontal plane, there are audible gasps, point blank.”

Invisible is revolutionary. Invisible is trail-blazing. Invisible is IMPOSSIBLE… until your spectators see it done. Damien Savina has come up with a groundbreaking, easy to manage system that will change the way you look at PK effects.

“The specator can grasp the ring in MID AIR and take it to look at it,” Brad said. “I can’t recommend Invisible enough.”

Invisible is available for pre-order from Ellusionist. More information, and a trailer that shows every unbelieveable second, is right here.


  1. Wow… This puts the other floating ring effect to shame..