Brad Christian and the Secrets of the Shift Key: Revealed

June 19th, 2012 | Jake Steele | Filed Under Products

We’ve said it before – but there’s nothing quite like magic that happens in the spectator’s hand, and Shift covers that base and then some. The Shift Key is a gimmick that is actually handled by the spectator – from a key plucked off your key-chain right through to a twisted piece of metal held in the clenched fist of your spectator – they do all the work without knowing it. In this video, Brad reveals the secrets of the Shift Key – how it works, why it’s so powerful and how to perform it – and perform it well.

Yep. We were thinking it too. ‘Brad Christian and the Secrets of the Shift Key: Revealed’ would’ve made a better title for the fourth J.K Rowling book. If you haven’t already – go check out the wicked trailer Peter McKinnon did for the Shift Key, and pick one up for yourself.

Self-Bending Metal like this has previously cost hundreds upon hundreds of dollars and their downfall has always been that they don’t look like Metal, they’re too thick or too thin – and that they’re easily bent by the spectator. Shift surpasses all those that have been, producing a truly self-working magic effect available at a fraction of the price – with none of the downfalls.

Check it out.



  1. George Waldman on:

    When I was in science class a long time ago, I read a book that had a bunch of cool facts about the various elements from the periodic table. One of those facts was that an element called Gallium had a very unusual melting point, right around normal human body temperature, so I’m figuring these keys and forks must be made of Gallium, with possibly a mix of other metals to make it more stable and easier to control.

  2. hey I’m from the uk and i was wondering what i would use if i couldn’t get hold off Dust off. how would i reset the key. thanks dan

  3. is there any residue on the key when you giv it to the spectator?

  4. Jake Steele on:

    George – It’s not Gallium. The problem with Gallium is that if you actually put it in warm water, you’ll physically melt the metal into a liquid. Not good. This is something called ‘Memory Metal’ – a little bit similar to the way a Wiregram works.

    Dan – ‘DustOff’ is just the brand name. All you’re looking for is compressed-air cleaner. ‘Keyboard Cleaner’ or ‘Desktop Cleaner’. Your local Office Supply Store will have plenty. Or Tesco’s. ‘Cos that’s a UK place, right?

    Ben – Nope. The stuff evaporates within seconds off spraying and leaves no residue.

  5. then you guys have to make self bending COIN.

  6. Make a better version which you can carry with you without bending before the trick
    happens! I’m very disappointed with my shift key and i tried many ways to handle
    the unbend key to keep it unbend untill the trick begins…

    I’m looking forward for a shift V2.0 !