Blood is NOT Thicker Than Liquid Metal: Morgan Strebler Interview

March 22nd, 2012 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under Artist Interviews

If you haven’t seen Liquid Metal or Liquid Metal 2, then you haven’t seen one of the great thinkers of our time. Morgan Strebler is more than just someone who released a trick. He helped spawn a whole generation of magicians who shop for forks as magic props now!

Perhaps you didn’t know that aside from doing amazing close-up magic, Mr. Strebler was lined up with a $10 million contract to perform in South Carolina with a theater built just for him!

What happend to it? Where did the lights and glamour go?

The story is deeper than you can imagine.

When Morgan first told everyone about his contract deal at the Pat Boone Family Theater, I was surprised to say the least. I had never known that Morgan did stage shows. Turns out Morgan is more accomplished then most people think. How else would he be offered such an amazing deal, right?!

Soon after he got this deal I spoke to him about it and I don’t believe I ever heard someone so excited and proud as he was and should be, but things took a turn for the worst.

Morgan disappeared and I lost contact with him for a few months, when I got to speak to him again he had resigned from the show with vague details. A few days ago he told me everything and asked that I share it with all of you.

Liquid Metal Productions was how it all started, run and owned by Mr. Strebler. But as times changed so does the need to change business types, so with this wonderful opportunity he and his father started Liquid Metal Holdings in order to allow for outside investors. Morgan maintained 55% ownership and his father was next in line. Morgan was to head up the entertainment and his father alongside Morgan would handle the business end.

Sounds like a match made in heaven, having someone you trust by your side supporting your dream. If only it stayed that way. Soon after everything started they called in Franz Harary to help design the thearter and to get the show up to par. Franz has a special place in Morgan’s heart as he is Morgan’s mentor.

Things seemed to be going great until Morgan’s father lied to the press and the leasing company saying that they had over $1 million dollars capitol when, in fact, they had just under $500k. Morgan didn’t agree with this action but it was already too late, the deed had been done.

Shortly after Morgans father began squandering money, buying a $50k  vehicle out of company funds which was used solely for personal use, taking the entire staff out to dinner and drinks every night on the company card and leasing a mansion in Grand Dunes, SC which if you didn’t know is one of the most expensive developments in that area. All of this paid out of the company dollars.

As business progressed, the staff cared less about the show and more about who worked Morgans father in his old company. So much so that anything Morgan suggested was almost always voted down by the board. This included using Morgans stage manager that has been with Morgan for years and hiring one of the local stage managers, who according to Morgan, just didn’t have a clue and even doing the same with Franz Harary.

This goes deeper than just professional relationships as Morgan suggested hiring a close cousin to help with the finances being that he was an IRS employee. Going as far as to offer him a job and having him move to South Carolina. He was so good that 10 mins. into the first meeting he spotted a $13k accounting error, and shortly after that he was as well let go. Even family wasn’t safe. When the issue of misuse of company funds and issue of his cousin being let go was addressed by Morgan he was told by his father that he could easily find 10 other magicians to do the show, he wasn’t needed and if he’d like to quit to submit it in writing. Which was done:

Dear Glenn,

Per your request on August 22 2011 . I’m submitting to you my written resignation from Liquid Metal Holdings LLC, and relinquishing my 55% ownership within the company. You said that I could easily be replaced by ten different magicians, and that you didn’t need me. That being said, I wish you and the rest of the team at LMH a long, happy and prosperous journey!

Best wishes,

Morgan Strebler

That sent a chill down my spine. I began thinking about Morgan’s attitude during this whole ordeal and realizing that he continued to be a very plesant and helpful person and never having anything negative to say. This shows a great deal about his character. It made me grow a great deal of respect for him. Would anyone else have handled this so graciously?

So what is going on now?

When Morgan left and gave up his share at LMH the company had less than 100k in funds

The show still hasn’t opened

There is no word of when it will open.

What is Morgan doing?

Morgan Strebler has been in talks with other thearters in Myrtle Beach to perform.

He has also been pushing for a reality television show that will be aired here in the United States. He’s at the top of the list and we here at Ellusionist would like to help him out. All you have to do is vote for him at the link provided below. You can vote once a day so please show your support and vote for him daily. He’s given so much to the magic community. Let’s help give him a push.

To vote for Morgan Strebler click the link below and vote for him daily!!



I hope this article gives you some insight as to how things may go wrong, and how best to deal with them. Be confident, work hard and things will go well for you. Never let anyone hold you back!

I’d like to thank Morgan Strebler for talking with me about this situation, and for allowing us to post it here for all of you. I am lucky to consider Morgan one of my friends. Thanks again.

-Xavior Spade


  1. Mystic Mike in SA on:

    Hey, great article. Very good message about who CAN you actually trust to take care of something like that?

  2. Excuse me language, but his father is a total dick. I’m surprised and very impressed that Morgan kept up such a good attitude. You just earned yourself a daily voter.

  3. Thanks for sharing that story. You have my daily vote!

  4. Having a good attitude and taking it on the chin like that are two different things. I applaud the good attitude, but standing up for yourself is something every good businessman needs to be able to do.

  5. Thankyou so much for this. We have been trying to launch a magic show for the last 9 months here in Spain and have had to deal with last minute walkouts, poor worksmanship, and appalling behaviour, from those around us.I was begining to think we were alone with these sort of problems, now I know I’m not. We haven’t given up and I’m really pleased Morgan hasn’t. I’m with you 100%.Good luck to you.

  6. No business like show business.

  7. Discover Myrtle Beach on:

    The theater manager said in an email to Discover Myrtle Beach, that there was no new story, just the ramblings of a former employee. As for the theater, there is no news and we would be among those who would be contacted when the time comes. We were also provided a formal statement regarding the news telecast:

    FROM: Glenn W. Milligan, CEO & Managing Partner

    Everyone here at Liquid Metal Holdings (“LMH”) is both shocked and deeply saddened by the false and baseless comments made by Morgan Strebler in a WMBF interview yesterday. Mr. Strebler, who resigned his position with LMH on September 1, 2011, made these statements without any current, updated information concerning the Pat Boone Family Theater (PBFT), its progress, or its financial status. Further, the comments he made to WMBF regarding the use of funds were completely false and wholly unsupported by the facts, including a statement he made about LMH using $50,000 to purchase a van.
    When Mr. Strebler offered to resign, LMH accepted. Our counsel will be notifying him in writing of his continuing legal obligations to protect LMH’s confidential information and the seriousness of making distorted and fraudulent statements about LMH. Counsel also will advise him of LMH’s intention to take appropriate legal action if he persists in this conduct in the future.

    As disclosed upon our arrival in Myrtle Beach, Morgan is my son. In reality, his behavior and comments are more directed at me, personally, and not LMH. Like any father and son, we have our disagreements and I choose to not air them in the media.

    Finally, at such time as we have a substantive update about our grand opening, we will hold a press conference and share that information with the media and, most importantly, the Myrtle Beach Community.

  8. Morgan Strebler on:

    “Morgan is my son. In reality, his behavior and comments are more directed at me, personally, and not LMH. Like any father and son, we have our disagreements and I choose to not air them in the media.”

    “LOL He doesn’t want to air them in the media, obviously not!” I wouldn’t want the truth to come out either. It isn’t directed personally at LMH” he just happens to be their CEO & Managing Partner. It’s nothing personal towards you Glenn. It is however about how LMH as a business was run. I know your reading this Glenn don’t forgot to send me a birthday card on the 10th, just a little reminder. :)

  9. Ive got your back, and your front, Morgan.

  10. GOD knows the TRUTH.

    Shame on people that lie, cheat and steal.

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