Blogger: Bad music reason for scarcity of magic TV shows

May 26th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under David Blaine, General

A short-and-sweet post to get you thinking: A blogger known as “The Allengator” writes that TV magic specials are on the decline because the music is awful:

You know what I mean, you hear some sort of ambient, house-type arrangement that is supposed to sound like some sort of mystical presentation, and none of them have ever sounded much good. I remember one special on years ago, it might have been David Copperfield, and they were “reuniting” a “lost” “son” and “father”, and the music sounded like it came from a bunch of partially drunk glass bottles of Pepsi Cola.

He also speculates that David Blaine’s emphasis on stunts is souring public opinion to magic.

Why am I posting this? To get you riled up and to flame him? Not at all; he makes some good points. So put your keyboard of fire down, flameboy. Besides, you have to admit that “partially drunk glass bottles of Pepsi” is pretty funny.

I’m just wondering: What are YOU doing to prove him wrong?


  1. Ellusionist on:

    New blog post: Blogger: Bad music reason for scarcity of magic TV specials

  2. Then we might as well be bad magicians because we don’t play music while doing street magic?

  3. Most magic sucks because there’s no art behind it. It’s all “ok check this out, how do you have this?. Cool let me see if for a second, If you apply the right pressure, then wetch, you can see it do this amazing thing.

    Magicians are boring. They don’t look like magicians, they don’t talk like magician. If you have to walk up to people and explin to them the you’re a magician, then you suck. You’re a MAGICIAN! Act like one. You should have seen how I had these women going today with a coin trick. They took the entire story hook line and sinker, because it was a good story and they wanted to know not how I did the trick, but how I can to the conclusion that this special coin was capable of doing something magical.

    Take your coin in bottle routine for example… it sucks. Want to know how to start out a CIB routine that doesn’t suck? “When I was a child my parents took me on these dreadful nature based vacations in the station wagon, and I HATED them. Except the gift shops were cool. One of my facvorite items at these gift shops wer the ships in bottle. As I got older and figure out how they were made, I forced myself that there was a better way… an imposslbe way… to and impossible condition (coin goes in and is immediately handed to them),

    If you have nothing to say.. no drama, no story to tell, then stop doing silly tricks and start performing magic. It take a LOT more creativity that reading the rediculous patter from all those idiots writing those book,