Blast from the Past Series; Glass by Adam Grace

December 15th, 2011 | Jake Steele | Filed Under Products
At Ellusionist we’re always working on the next ‘Big Thing’ – we’re always looking forward to the next release – and that’s perfectly normal, because once we’ve released an effect 90% of our work is done. Sometimes it becomes all too easy to keep our eyes forward – we’re putting together trailers, soundtracks, handmade gimmicks, product copy – the lot, but we always take the time to remember where we’ve come from. And it’s in this spirit that we bring you our Blast from the Past series where we’ll be shining the spotlight on a product that you may have forgotten about  – but that we still love.
Stained Glass - Adam GraceThis week, we’re highlighting a range of effects from Adam Grace, the creator of Frozen and Ringtone. Adam joined the Ellusionist family with his DVD ‘Glass’ – the headline effect being a spectator’s initials melting through a solid plane of glass, and while this effect was incredible by itself, the DVD included another 14 effects that pack small, and play big. Ungimmicked glass, ungimmicked marker – just brilliant concepts that will unleash your own creativity.
From marks that transport themselves from one piece of glass to another, to portable hole effects, reveals that magically change themselves, and even drawn objects being brought to life, Glass is a truly unique collection of effects that are ready at a moment’s notice. Glass by Adam Grace

Glass also contains a bonus interview with Adam Grace and long time friend Aaron FIsher, discussing the creation of glass, and magic in general.

When you pick up Glass, be sure to also pick up the Glass Accessory pack, so you can get started with performing miracles straight away.
We’ll be bringing you more memories from the Ellusionist History Books over the coming weeks, so be sure to grab your hypercolor t-shirt and a bottle of Zima, and join us for some other forgotten gems.

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