Blaine’s stunt underwhelms some, inspires others

September 24th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under David Blaine
Photo courtesy New York Daily News

Photo courtesy New York Daily News

Though not going as far as FOX’s cheating charge, several are not impressed with Blaine’s hourly breaks from hanging upside down. The New York Daily News calls for an asterisk. Vanessa Juarez, of Entertainment Weekly, is confused. Heckler Spray is hoping Blaine’s head explodes. Satirically, of course.

Others say they have come around. PopEater writers admitted its apathy for Blaine’s latest stunt, until they got to interview him this morning. Now, they like him. In the interview, Blaine spoke more about the difficulty of the stunt:

Physically, I know it looks really easy, but it’s actually the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my lifetime. If you can imagine all of the liquid – all of your blood in your body starts to pool around your head, around your brain, around your eyes – so it feels like there’s this great pressure pushing your head outwards. That’s just the beginning of it. The next thing is that your legs are always pins and needles. You know when you wake up and you slept wrong and your legs are all…it’s like that all the time. And then the all the weight – and you know, I’m 190 pounds- all that weight is just laying in one place continuously. So those three things combined, plus the cold weather plus I haven’t slept in three days plus not eating, make it difficult, but everything – you, him, her, all the people around help make it much easier, so I forget what I’m going through. If I tried to do this by myself I would never be able to.

PopEater posted its interview and some quotes from spectators earlier today. According to most of the quotes, people are generally impressed, though some arent; and David Blaine would dominate in a cage match fight against Criss Angel. Here is PopEater’s interview:


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